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Joe Mulherin’s painfully honest project is on the brink of something huge.

nothing, nowhere is the next big thing. If you don’t know, now you know. It’s easy to be skeptical about the buzz surrounding an artist like nothing, nowhere but from start to finish, Vermont-based musician proved that his project is the real deal.

Mulherin has a cultivated aesthetic and a vibe that one has to be present for in order to understand. He makes guitar-forward emo-rap that distills poppy angst and Soundcloud rap in a way that feels far less ironic than his peers. Mulherin’s crunchy, hippy positivity makes him stand out. Even at his darkest, nothing,nowhere sounds soft and friendly. As he said in a recent profile, “I’m acting upon my empathy. I have nothing but good intentions.”

This attitude is apparent on “REM,” from his album, Reaper. It’s a weepy love song that showcases his earnest lyrics and emo wail: “I’m so sick of feeling used/I wish I could dream of something new.” But the song combines conventional emo instrumentation with a rap rhythm for a crossover sound that’s a little kitschy. nothing,nowhere’s tormented performance on “REM” is magnetic.

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Gabriele Centelli - Music to Curator

I'm a musician, songwriter and a music producer from Italy. I'm a music lover and a real discoverer of new talents. I love create playlists for each moment of my everyday life. I did lots of mixtapes and playlists when I was a teenager, even before the digital and streaming era. Now it’s time to spread my love and passion around to make know the power and the truly therapeutic message of music.

My music project is called Platonick Dive, Check it out: