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2k for pair of shoes.When you blowing money like this it’s like walking on blood. Commonly referred to as Red Bottoms, Mississippi’s Lil Lonnie and  Louisiana’s Boosie put their own twist on the name. You know some people love to buy sneakers for the summer whether it’s Jordans or Keds. This track to me is like the perfect theme song for sliding into a pair of brand new kicks.  

Lil Lonnie’s verse “tells it just how it is” Everyone knows the summer is the best time to just be outside having fun and being flashy. For some people it’s not enough. If your paint job already wet you gone make it wetter. The models wit the long hair and short skirts gone have even more lavish hair and bikinis. Just because they can’t get enough. 

Boosie’s verse come with the real as always but on the contrary of speaking on blowing money he actually comes at his audience with an entrepreneurial mindset. He speaks on investment and ownership, of you ain’t heard it before you should click play right now.

Last but not least due to some unforeseen circumstances rapper Lil Lonnie was killed about a month ago in Jackson, MS. So in remembrance of Lonnie and all of the soldiers who died this track was added on Memorial Day. #longlivelonnie #mttstb🥃🥃🥃


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Markyse Holmes is a CEO , artist, promoter, and producer from Mississippi.  You can learn more at:  https://fanburst.com/neversoberganghbc


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