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As soon as i hit play the EDM just took over. I don't have much to say about the track because the instrumental gets the job done by itself. The Strings, Bass, Bells and electronic fusion.The song is well put together and the quality is just through the roof. The song has a deep feel to it. The words are even deeper. 

 This is one of those tracks that will have you in a good mood. Music can help an individual transcend all of the problems they’re going through. Even when your feelings down or grieving. So if you’re ever in one of this moods check out my fellow curator’s Music To Grieve To playlist. So no matter what the situation is just remember it happened for a purpose. Last but not least, if you’re a deep thinker ask yourself, what is my purpose? 

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About The Curator - Markyse Holmes

Markyse Holmes  - Music to Curator

Markyse Holmes is a CEO , artist, promoter, and producer from Mississippi.  You can learn more at:  https://fanburst.com/neversoberganghbc