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 Some people say there is nothing better than the original. Sometimes that's not always the case. Because cover songs have become quite popular. If you like cover songs or an Aaliyah fan then check this track out. A great take on a Aaliyah Cover! She has some notable stuff going on in her career, shes worth having a listen to! 

Giselle is most notable for her FX-featured comedic viral hit which garnered nearly half a million views on YouTube. The numbers are still growing. She was the 2nd place winner for the 2018 Live.Me app NYC Streets Beats Competition. Plus, she has over 18.7k followers on Live.me.
- “Are you that somebody” also features Kenyan rapper Xtatic. They collaborated on this project to commemorate Aaliyah's birthday. It's a unique quality when artists acknowledge the ones who paved the way for them. On that note let's pour out a little liquor for a gone but not forgotten queen R.I.P Aaliyah. Now take a shot and enjoy the vibe.    

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