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I do not even know how many times I searched for this track and found dozens of Saint Michel Church photos but hey, that did not stop me. Here is my reflections about it.

Philippe Thuillier aka Saint Michel worked with closegood on this project. closegood is an experimental R&B and trip hop duo. They dropped an album named GRAVEN a couple of weeks ago and it is amazing. You should check that out too. When I heard closegood's verse for the first time, I literally said what is this? Her voice is so embracing that she captures the whole beat in a second. The flow is almost perfect and makes you want more. What a story she tells in a minute, right? I love it. On the other hand, Saint Michel constructed the track perfectly with different kinds of samples and instruments, it is in constant progress till the end. Church belongs to the french artists' latest album The Two of Us which he dropped in 2018. The rest of the project may sound more electronic and more french to you after Church, but I think you should hear it all. He is highly talented and underrated. 

I listened to Church so many times in the last couple of months. I thought it would perfectly fit to this playlist cause that is exactly what I want for the playlist; it is provacative. Hot beat with a really good structure and a wonderful rap feature making it even hotter and more provacative.   

I have no idea why the lyrics are not available anywhere, but you can find them below for sure. Every time I hear closegood's verse, I am fascinated. 

The Lyrics:

You try as an aim
Fly like a stone
Stealing the zone
Work hard
You're high as a plane
Going south straight up and done


Would you say
Would you tell
Would you fade
Cause you drown my heart

Would you trade the kisses and crowns
The riches in town, in cities, the pretties that glisten to listen
Or say you miss me today and wish I was sticking around.
Would you highjack back the good times
Back when we kept backpacks of goodbyes
Back when I actually happily could cry and joke for the folks
I was trying to do good bye
Would you love me or need me If I wasn't pleading,
If pleading was done in the throat
If feeding the ghost was saying you cared would you be haunted
Or want to be scared?
What of the fall,
What of the lake,
What of the frozen decisions we make
What of the rain, the snow and the hell
What of the notion we fail the moment we brake
And what if I bailed,
What if I fucked up my nails while I was holding our love
And so we got dropped so what if you're shocked?
So what If I said I that loved you
and suddenly stopped, what if I'm not.
Whatever is right for you it'd be cool if my blue was a lighter hue
And I can fake for your sake if it frightens you
But I'm just trying not to lie to you

Would you take
Would you break
All the kisses
All the crown

Would you say
Would you tell
Would you fade
Cause you drown my heart

Would you break
All the kisses
All the crown

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