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Indietronica 2021 — a playlist by Bon-Psy • powered by musicto

Breach new ground with Bon-Psy – featuring artists like Ekcle • Bonobo • Weird Inside • Iglooghost • Oneohtrix Point Never • Sam Gellaitry • Lapalux • Rival Consoles

Cricketbane Isthmus

Dancy Soundscapes – featuring artists likeFrancis Inferno Orchestra • HNNY • letherette • Harvey Sutherland • Floating Points • Peggy Gou • Karizma • Mr. Fingers

Cricketbane Isthmus

Dancing Barefoot – Patti Smith

You know how you sometimes hear a song and each verse feels like an entry from your own diary? 

Patti Smith gives an extremely moving account of a universal story: falling for someone against your better judgement: “here I go and I don’t know why / I spin so ceaselessly.”