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Communicating in the most subtle language, featuring artists like: Lauri Garcia, Roy Borland, Regina Spektor, Leo Rizzi, AVIV, My Sun and Stars

Music which inspired us to write our own songs

a playlist which has inspired our participants and project team – featuring artists like Amy Winehouse • Bob Marley • MARINA • Jill Scott • Regina Spektor

Modern Girls and Old Fashioned Men – The Strokes & Regina Spektor

My real first option was going to be The Hard Way – Pink Floyd just to continue with a wonderful bass, but the lovely spotify didn’t have the immersive box set of the Dark Side of the moon.

So immediately thought “why don’t go with, who I consider the fathers of Indie Rock, The Strokes”. And it got better because I realised there’s something much better than The Strokes, which is Regina Spektor AND The Strokes.