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MATAFAKA – Unknown Brain

The track begins and I am already chilled out by the chorus. The rap begins and suddenly there is swag all over my face and the entire room. And the first drop keeps you clinging on to the goosebumps…

Hope – Mino (feat. Yoo Byung Jae)

Mino’s vocals wandered in the melody, smoothness, and interesting rhymes of the track, highlighting his strong rap techniques and representing a tone of strong and clear commands. Even though Yoo Byung Jae is not a professional singer, his lazy voice matches this song.

Harder Than My Demons – Big Sean

The trials and tribulations of Big Sean have been thoroughly documented over the past decade. It’s that perseverance and devotion to God that he raps about on this track, that manifests itself as success despite the obstacles.

CUT EM IN – Anderson .Paak

CUT EM IN is just another hit off the assembly line. Throw in a tight Ricky Rozay verse and you have a track that can’t be played enough.

Position of Authority (P.O.A.) – Phelo the Great

With a style and swagger reminiscent iconic hip hop forces, Phelo delivers ice cold bars over soulful melodies: POA is an Anthem fit for a Boss.

Dog House – Hennessy Kid

At one point or another in a relationship we find ourselves in the proverbial doghouse. Very few of us have found that sacred passage without weathering some sort of a storm.

That is until now!

S’en aller – Swing feat. Angéle

Parlez-vous francais? You’ll wish you did after playing this ultra-cool track from the European home of hip hop

Time Moves Slower Here – Chester Watson

An experience in slow motion by Chester Watson. Placed in anti-gravitational soundwaves – brooding words are scattered like rain and wash away our minds internalized misguidance. To be heard and to be understood is the essence of Chester Watson’s mystical journey infused creations…

P.O.W.A – M.I.A.

“Say this is people power / Throw up my finger and I’m taking on the Tower”. Taking pot shots at The Donald is all fine and good but it is so much better when it’s done by a daring, eclectic, unpredictable original like Ms Maya Arulpragasam. An activist and a true artist of rap, MIA’s POWA is a unique mix of doo-wop loops, laid-back, bitter rhymes and Tamil folk percussion.