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The Empathy First Songbook

Songs to help you feel the experience of others., featuring artists like: Jackson Browne, Karla Bonoff, Peter Gabriel, Ani DeFranco, Jason Isbell, Dar Williams, Lori McKenna, Matraca Berg

Eight Ball Eyes

The empty, longing eyes, looking for connection and comfort in a dismal reality featuring artists like Daughter • Bon Iver • Angus & Julia Stone • Say Lou Lou • Oh Wonder • BANKS • Youth Lagoon

Overthinking Rain

Did you know I’ve always loved the rain?

Smirr – Adenine

There’s music on this list that’s there to help production – to provide an energetic accompaniment to your writing or typing – the tracks are not terribly reflective – they’re there to help an existing idea manifest.

But what if you don’t have the idea? What if your muscle memory is all warmed up and ready to go but nothing’s coming out? How do you write your essay then?

Rain – Uriah Heep

Those of you who have lived in different parts of the world know that rain is different wherever you are. I remember what it was like in the Ohio Valley: when it rained, it really poured. In Finland, you don’t get rain like that, not even close. Over here, it’s mostly drizzle – at least in comparison. However, the thing that doesn’t change, as per your location, is what happens in our minds when we look out the window on a rainy day…