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A mix of elite and non-elite genres that represent a standard for good taste. – featuring artists like Da Weasel, Anoushka Shankar, Sinéad O’Connor, Band of Skulls, McAlmont & Butler, Bob Dylan, Lovage, Jennifer Charles, Tricky, Wet Leg,

The Great Gig In The Sky – Pink Floyd

Come one, come all! Performing for one night only! Every night! You are officially invited to the Great Gig In The Sky!

To get there, set your intent to reach the infinite, close your eyes and fly through the sky, through the stars and keep going.  You will know when you have arrived, you will feel your body sing.

Breathe – Pink Floyd

Breathe, breathe in the Air – imagine that. When overwhelmed, this is all I have to do, just this one simple thing, my body knows innately how to do it, I run the tape over and over in my head until I feel more in the middle again, “Take a deep breath in, hold that breath, then breath out slowly”.  Yep, that’s better.  

Marooned – Pink Floyd

See that big ass Cathedral in-between the two statues, stuck in the middle of nowhere like a ship on the ocean?  I sang there.  I was a chorister.  It was amazing!