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Getting Back Together – music2work2

Written specifically for the Essay Writing Music album from music2work2 – to my ears, Getting Back Together is the least likely track to become popular with the essay writing crowd but – 150,000 streams in the last year or so would indicate that it does the job pretty well.

Emma – music2work2

One of the earlier music2work2 tracks, it has been played over 120,000 times on YouTube and has a small but loyal group of people who swear by it.  Coming in at just shy of 20 minutes it is one long extended development that goes all over the place and yet still retains some weird kind of identity.

Scapegoat – SeepeopleS

This track has been in my head for a couple of weeks now – it has well and truly burrowed under my skin and I’m hopelessly in love with it.  Having said that – I’m not sure whether it’s a 100% right for the Grieve to list but I suspect that anyone who’s ever wronged their partner may just resonate with it.

Memories – music2work2

This is a track about loss – specifically about the loss of one’s father – a father that was truly and deeply loved.  It is relatively short for a music2work2 track but it stands out for its simplicity and sweetness.

Build – music2work2

There’s something about metronomic repetition that just conveys the idea of “Come on – let’s go…”  The opening of the track sounds as though it’s written in 2/4 time – the classic marching beat – and that was intentional – the entire first minute is designed to have you thinking about getting started – getting moving – getting to flow.

Getting Back Together – music2work2

As an artist you never know what tracks are going to resonate with the public – of sure, you can be part of a Nashville songwriting team and construct a track for an audience but even, you’ve no real idea whether it’ll “fly” or not.

Memories – music2work2

Originally written for the music to grieve to playlist – it’s kinda disturbing that it should arrive on this playlist too!


Safe Landing 1 – music2work2

This track was the original inspiration for the entire playlist.  Actually the original idea had been kicked around a few years back and I had worked up a theme at the time but when i came back to it it didn’t really resonate.

Memories – music2work2

Follow This Playlist Following Originally track 3 on the music to grieve to album, Memories has become one of the most popular piano tracks on the playlist.  It’s the balance between major and minor – remembering the good times but always seeing them through the veil of sadness that grief covers everything with. Full liner… View Article