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A New Blast From The Past

Come for the timeless classics and stay for the hidden gems. Featuring Artists like: Sly & The Family Stone,Jimi Hendrix,The Meters,The Mamas & The Papas,Small Faces,The Beach Boys,The Who,

A New Blast From the Past

The 70s World of Jazzy Souls

For when you feel like watching the clouds morph with sounds from the 70s – featuring artists like Arthur Verocai • Nara Leão • Azymuth • Chico Buarque • João Donato • Airto Moreira • John Cameron

Kaputt – Destroyer

An ambient, dream-filled track that’ll sooth your soul. The variety of sounds that pop up while listening will get you hooked.

Album Cover of Kaputt by Destroyer

Space Sax – Ms. Janette

Sometimes all I want is a groove to write to, something all enveloping and consistent – something I can lock onto my own writing groove and surf for as long as possible. The challenge here is – the thing that constructs a groove is typically pretty repetitive – the same notes played in the same… View Article

wet dreams – sundiver ca

Inside patched up pockets of humbled innovations – the sounds of sundiver ca shreds effortlessly through manically moody tunes. Brimming with dreamy, dreary and distorted modulations..

Summer Nights – Noah Rosen (ft. Alex Jones, Joe Newton, Tommy & Danny Ferdon)

A creation of lively instrumental abundance. The act of speaking through sound without the boundaries or barriers confined within the walls of words. A universal feeling induced only by pure instrumentation to awaken the sounds of the soul…

Pretty Thing – Stello

Stello mixes sounds of old and new like listening to hazy vinyl through a modern day record player. It is music with the power of transportation that allows you to wander amongst decades that can only be experienced through memories. The kind that have nestled nicely into the sounds of Stello…