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The 70s World of Jazzy Souls

For when you feel like watching the clouds morph with sounds from the 70s – featuring artists like Arthur Verocai • Nara Leão • Azymuth • Chico Buarque • João Donato • Airto Moreira • John Cameron

Broken Hearted Kota – Joseph Shabason

Funky, flowing guitar riffs join muffled, dusty sax in the melange of sounds caressing their ways through our veins, into our bloodstream until our very being is embodied by the sweet, sweet sounds.

Sapphire Tea – Mishell Ivon

The bass line and production on this track are undeniably hot. Mishell Ivon is dropping vocals with some sass here. Bringing a funky, synthy, get up and groove vibe and choice tones all around. 

Makin’ My Move – Easy Wanderlings

On the surface this hip little groover is catchy and dancy. But the Wanderlings give you much more than just that. You also get a pungent percussion break equipped with cuíca, and a fierce guitar solo. Accessible, yet tasty.


For some smooth rolling – featuring artists like Mase • Michael Jackson • Yung Bae • Kelis • VanJess • The Internet • Bee Gees • Prince

Fresh Deep Funk — a playlist by Medicinal Groove • powered by musicto

This playlist is a funk bunker. A refined collection of deeply curated groove. A trusted source for recently released tracks that have that feel and that funk, in any sense of the two terms. Featuring artists like: Otis McDonald • Soulive • Benny Sings • The New Mastersounds • Vulfpeck • Orgone • Medicinal Groove • MonoNeon

Dollas and Cents – TOBi feat. Juls

A track that works equally well in the club, living room, or bedroom. Repeat value on high

Loverboy – The Marías

The wistful, the wiser and the wilder side speaks louder than the rest and here arises the raspy roar of María – a lioness awakening all things ethereal and otherworldly…

Chill Out – Yoni Arbel

Welcome to the creators of YONI. Lush arrangements of instrumental and lyrical versatility embodies the divinity of their art in all of its most empowering pieces. What we don’t understand intrigues us and at the core I think we all crave to understand why art – especially in the form of music – is so emotionally tethered to our roots. The diversity of their ensemble is sure to tingle your curious taste buds of the musical feast they have to offer…

personova – Austenyo

This week of Music in Motion Month, I am all about those super duper groovy movey tunes that reminds us to be a bit more playful in our existence. Sometimes we need to feel lighter to get through the day and moving your body allows you to feel alive…

Never Answer – The Frightnrs

The winter blues are such a real thing my friends. I was born and raised on a warm tropical island where the temperature would only enter a low of 59 degrees on occasion and the rain was warm and always inviting you to dance along with it. So on days where the cold begins entering the emotional veins, reggae is able to warm the mind and soul…

Mombasa – Foreign/National

My aussie roots seem to be growing into fervent entanglement with some really snazzy australian artists. These roots have wrapped gently around the five-piece band known as Foreign/National. They have been a favorite of mine for quite awhile now and this track in particular keeps me groovin’ even when there is no groove left…

Wolfcat – Still Woozy

Oooh baby this guy has got me so stoked on music right now. As someone who is constantly on the search for new sounds, I absolutely revel in the feeling of pure bliss when I hear something that reinvigorates my zest for music…