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Music to Make You Smile – Fiona Joy Hawkins

A smile is worth a thousand words… The need for music that makes you smile is more important now than ever before. The number one infectious human emotion is joy and often it starts with a smile. When we see it, we feel it and then we are compelled share it. These songs share their joyful energy to make you feel good and connect in a positive way. For serious people, this playlist comes with a warning: you may feel like dancing.

Tolling of the Fire Bell – Fiona Joy Hawkins, Jill Haley, Eugene Friesen

It’s taken me a while to write this – I don’t know why – maybe it’s because I’m looking at it from the outside in – knowing that I should feel grief for what’s happening – and yet – not quite connecting with it.

It’s not like I don’t have ties to Australia – my sister’s family live in Sydney – I’ve seen pictures of their favorite beach nothing but flames. Hell, I live in California where towns are getting wiped out every year and the idea of LA burning up doesn’t seem so strange…