Music to Make You Smile – Fiona Joy Hawkins


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Music to Raise a Fierce Child – LaLa Tigers

24 June 2020

Most children’s music makes me want to gouge my own eyes out with a ball point pen. Repeatedly. So if you’re like me, but you still want your kids to absorb some great messages about life, here’s a ferocious mix of clean and positive songs, to help you raise an awesome human. Raar!…

Is It You – Cassie

26 November 2019

Its game on. You set your eyes on that person; then going forward with your moves ready. The question that pops out: is it to play or to be in love? Your opening line is a set up but you’re not really sure what comes next…

Boomin’ – TeeJay Mar$hall

22 October 2019

Business is Boomin’ and so is Seat Pleasant rapper TeeJay Mar$hall. On this Tyrellington produced track, the PG Spitta delivers a hypnotic chant dedicated to daily grind….