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More Than Less Than Zero

The definitive Generation X mix tape to disappear in Los Angeles ca. 1983. Fuck Christmas with every directly-name-dropped and/or vaguely-hinted-at song in Bret Easton Ellis’s debut novel “Less Than Zero” — plus a couple of surprises.
More Than Less Than Zero

Passionate Pop Rock

A collection of some of my favorite Passionate Pop Rock songs — an eclectic mix of genres and artists spanning several decades, united only by their quality, featuring artists like: XTC, Squeeze, Elvis Costello, Counting Crows, Wilco, The Wallflowers, Dave Matthews, Tom Petty

Let Him Dangle – Elvis Costello

In 1998, Derek Bentley was finally pardoned for his part in the death of a British police constable during a bungled burglary 46 years earlier. Bentley, who suffered from learning difficulties, was proved innocent after years of campaigning by his sister, Iris. His story is the inspiration for this chilling song by Elvis Costello…