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Smirr – Adenine

There’s music on this list that’s there to help production – to provide an energetic accompaniment to your writing or typing – the tracks are not terribly reflective – they’re there to help an existing idea manifest.

But what if you don’t have the idea? What if your muscle memory is all warmed up and ready to go but nothing’s coming out? How do you write your essay then?

Looking Glass 4 (Red) – Yellow6

Sometimes all you need is the repetition.

I’ve written about this several times on the playlist – about the psychology of music – about expectation and dopamine and audio hacking and all those things that make music an effective tool for getting shit done, particularly in the creative writing space…

Post London – Nick Rezo

There’s all kinds of music to write to out there – hell, I’m pretty sure we feature all of them on this list – but there are certain styles that have a direct path to the part of my brain that will get me to start writing. Nick Rezo’s Post London is one of them.

Custom – Yellow6

I suspect that some of you are not going to dig this track – which is fine – you can’t please all of the people all of the time and a playlist like this is set up so you can skip ahead if something doesn’t match your mood.  Me however – I love this stuff! ;-p