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Music to Stay Up Late At Night
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Sometimes music is just magical in bringing up emotions, this song is one of those. It brings me many memories of 2012 when a friend introduced me to it, I just couldn't stop listening to it, the beauty of its melodies mesmerized me, the pureness of its emotion and strong expressive quality was so intense and felt so connected to me that I could only feel grateful about finding such a treasure.

My tendency towards feeling sadness has been one of the most distinctive parts of my life, sometimes memories are so full with sad moments that you amaze yourself discovering the resilience of your own heart and soul, I have always found some meaning and that has helped me find some comfort and gratitude while feeling pain, there comes a time when you realize there's no wrong emotion, no wrong feeling and you just accept that there's perfection in just being, just existing in the present moment. You develop a certain compassion for the sad, scared child you have inside your heart and just cry yourself to peace.

There are good and bad moments too, some of us are made with emotional roller coasters included, the most subtle sensitivity makes us giant channels of reception towards everything that's going on around us, it makes us a little mad but it also turns us into healers, antennas open to receive information, hearts open to the world, prepared to resists the biggest hardship and assist other through theirs, some of us are just trying to let go of suffering and just loving life as much as possible, trying to let go of pain or transforming it into the most beautiful feeling we can imagine.

We're all trying, all stumbling into difficulty and wounds, surrounded by miracles and beauty but oblivious to it until we decide to stop and rest the tired mind for a few seconds and let the heart shine through.

What if we manage to let our hearts shine through a few more seconds today than yesterday? 

Just breathe and let go, for a few seconds.

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About the Curator - Henry Gonzalez 

Henry Gonzalez - Music to Curator

Musician from Colombia, constantly inspired and moved by music and trying to express it in the best way posible, trying to find common souls who get as transformed by music and sound as he does.

Music can be a spiritual experience, you just have to find the right one.