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Music to Stay Up Late At Night
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This week we discovered the brand-new work from one of the artists who got featured in the playlist in the past. Ekhtronic's new LP, "Peninsula" is a very interesting project from a musician who's constantly growing and finding his own voice within a distinctive style.

"Can't Let Go" is a great song with a very catchy chorus about the difficulty to let go of past wounds, I know we can all understand that feeling and how we've inflicted so much pain just because we hang on to feelings that harm us, but we can all learn to free ourselves from those burdens, one step at a time.

Enjoy this great song and try to listen to "Peninsula", supporting emerging artists is a wonderful way to find new exciting music.

You can learn more about Ekhtronic here:

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About the Curator - Henry Gonzalez 

Henry Gonzalez - Music to Curator

Musician from Colombia, constantly inspired and moved by music and trying to express it in the best way posible, trying to find common souls who get as transformed by music and sound as he does.

Music can be a spiritual experience, you just have to find the right one.