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On the Music to Soundtrack Souls Playlist this week is Nino Man ft. Jadakiss “I hate you”. Jadakiss is a veteran rapper from the LOX and this particular track is from his artist Nino Man. First heard this about a week ago, and instantly knew it would be hip hop with substance. Nino sets it off with wordplay that really says something. No gimmicks...

This is New York City rap at its finest. It definitely uses a popular hip hop sample, and is very special considering there is no bass line on the track. This in turn makes it easier to hear the depth of the conversation between the 2 MC’s and the listener. Nino Man gives us lines like: “If i cant smoke in your club dont try to book me. I toured the world with Kiss im not a rookie, im in a class by myself yall played hookie”

Jadakiss in turn tells us: “First try then try more, team player and i aint gotta have the high score”. Classic New York hip hop is the only way to describe this. Salute Nino Man and Jadakiss 1/3rd of the LOX.  

You can learn more about Nino Man here:

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As a Music Curator, I believe I am for the people. Music is an everyday part of life for most. We work with it, explore new tunes and use it in our everyday lives. As a SUPER music lover I want to give you the best vibe for the genre... there may be songs you love and also songs you have yet to hear. This playlist is uncut, holds no punches and does not limit to audience. I hope you find my curated playlist to be an important part of your everyday lives. Let me soundtrack your SOUL....