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I must admit, It is getting increasingly hard to select tracks for this playlist. I am constantly absorbing the music around me and have found one major conundrum. There is just too much music that gets me excited and would fit perfectly in the sizzle bacon list. I find myself counting down the days to share day every week! As this project moves forward, my focus will be on diversifying the list. I am genuinely excited about the future artists lined up to add their part in this road trip of endorphins, good vibes, and spectacular music.

This week I decided to add a track with two artists that really know how to persevere, push back against the status quo, and succeed in getting back up on their feet when they feel knocked down. Good Old Days by Mackelmore Featuring Kesha has all the qualities that I get on my soap box about every week. The song captures the idea of living in the current moment. It tells a story of how we are all too excited for the future that we forget about the present. Mackelmore raps a narrative of how when he was underground he couldn't wait to get older and to become something greater and a better version of himself. Naive, Mackelmore tells us that those were the good days, and he wishes he could go back and cherish it more than he did. 

Mackelmore is acting as the older brother to us all, reminding us that it is more than okay to dream - but you shouldn't get so caught up in your path to your dreams and looking up that you forget to look around you and appreciate your current moment. 

Kesha is an ideal feature for this track, she is a phenomenal artist that is just getting back into recording music with Sony after winning a long and taxing battle with a toxic abuser within her recording label. Boy, did we miss her. Both Mackelmore and Kesha are two individuals who not only talk the talk, but strut the strut of the message behind this song. Appreciating life every day. These are two well rounded, pure, and passionate artists that have the potential to carry mainstream music to its next tier of enjoyment. Welcome to the Sizzle Bacon Playlist Mackelmore and Kesha and thank you for your positive mindset and ability to lead by example through the hardest of times and still get up and dance afterwards.

Peace and Love,


You can learn more about Mackelmore here:

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You can learn more about Kesha here:

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About the Curator - Jesse Simons

Jesse Simons - Music to Curator

If there is one thing in all of existence that can possibly perk Jesse up more than a fresh dark roast coursing through his veins, it’s philanthropy work. His drive and passion for helping those in need is what he believes refines him the most as a strong, confident character.

Constantly inviting challenges to solve, you’ll be “cold pressed”, (caffeine is clearly essential), to find another person who looks as dashingly good looking in both a freshly pressed suit, and the same pair of sweatpants he’s put off washing from a few too many evenings couch surfing.  

Jesse’s love for all genres of music started when he realized the power of music in the human experience. He believes each musician is the creative equivalent of a tectonic plate fault line. When musicians spread their art into the world, that fault line shifts, sending waves of raw emotion pouring from the track into the individuals absorbing it. Jesse came to the understanding that musicians weren’t just imperative to the human experience, they ARE the human experience.

From that day forward he has done everything in his power to help artists of all backgrounds and sound, spread their craft.