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Following in the same vein as last week's entry, Bonobo's 'Kerala' is a super-chill fest that's gotten me through some pretty hard work over the weekend.

It always seems to happen that whenever Britain has some good weather, I'm cooped up inside working on an important deadline. It's worth it though; playing the long game always pays off in the end, so if missing out on a bit of a tan this weekend is the price for some hard earned success, I can handle that!

Those of you who are familiar with my writing will know just how much I love a song that tells a story, and Kerala does that just that. Bonobo's selection of percussive elements and instrumentation take me to that place I always seem to want to go, which is the bloody rainforest. I genuinely have no idea why - It's probably the one place in the world where the population of snakes drastically outnumbers that of humans (but don't quote me on that, I'm no geographer). 

There's a story behind the ethereal vocal line, one that, if the parent album title is to be taken as a hint, is about leaving a place or a person behind. I don't know who (or what) Kerala is, but to me she's a person who's truly wrestled with a difficult decision and ultimately made the choice that's best for her. Good on her. Not a lot of us can bring ourselves to do that.

For the rest of May, my submissions will be tracks like this: ones that are relaxing and rich in narrative, which if the weather holds up, will be perfect listening for all you Brits (and anyone else who has the good fortune of living somewhere with a more agreeable climate).   

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