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Renn is an artist from Nashville that caught my ear a few years ago. His lyrics flow effortlessly and he has an honest, mellow, and soulful voice that will make you smile, rain or shine.  His tune “Other Side of Rain” is a favorite from his debut album “Heartache and a Song”.  Renn shares the story behind his song:

“I remember visiting Portland, OR for the first time to visit my girlfriend’s father and hopefully ask for his permission to marry her. It was that trip that I remember seeing the greenest grass I’d ever laid eyes on, and had those memories replaying through my brain—it took all that to realize that the grass can grow greenest not only in spite of the rain clouds overhead, but because of them.”

Lost Soul Lesson of the week: "The grass is greener on the other side of rain." Sometimes you've got to weather a storm to get to paradise. Sometimes, you need a storm to see that you already are in paradise. Either way, enjoy this hidden Nashville gem and here's to hearing great tunes from Renn in the future!

Artist Bio: From the start, Nashville independent artist Renn’s journey into music was far from the conventional tale. Time spent torn between passion and insecurity, hobby and calling eventually lead to Heartache and a Song - Renn’s debut album. Poignant lyrics blended with raw, soulful melodies give listeners a starkly personal glimpse into his journey, in a way that connects us to our own.

It’s a career that almost never was. With his admission to Nashville’s Belmont University in 2006, Renn decided to hang his hat on his guitar-playing abilities rather than his voice. “When I arrived to begin my first semester, I remember a friend of mine (who has since signed to a major label), sing Bon Jovi’s ‘Living on a Prayer.’ I knew I didn’t have half his vocal range or star power at the time, so I just stopped singing and stuck to guitar.” Despite an inability to read music, Renn’s passion and skill on the guitar earned him the respect and endorsement of his peers and instructors - many of whom are now Grammy Award-winning.

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For Belinda, writing and listening to music has always been an essential creative outlet and place of solace. She released her debut EP, “I’m Not Broken” in October 2016, and continues to write and release new music. Her lyrics have been recognized by “American Songwriter Magazine” and her music is featured on the award-winning “Women Of Substance Radio and Podcast.” Check out Belinda’s music and learn more at