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Lewis Hawkins, lead guitarist for the band The Brocklebank, submitted this track and I’m really excited for everyone to hear it!

In his own words:

“Our track 'Youth' epitomizes what this playlist is all about. It's the fear and uncertainty of growing up, and doing everything you can to preserve the naivety of being young. The song documents a period where I was feeling lost, stranded in the void between childhood and adulthood. It's a feeling that everyone endures, but I faced a real struggle in coming to terms with the fact that I was about to become an adult with responsibilities. The chorus; "I know where youth goes, I'm holding on now" highlights the difficulty we face in letting go of our adolescence and the unwillingness to embrace the new challenges that are thrown at us.”

Beautifully said. I know I’m not alone when I say I can definitely resonate with everything this track is about. With having a kind of mentality in which you see the idea of growing up as being on a fast-moving train you want so badly to stop and get off of. With wanting to keep an open-mind towards the future even though being young is all you know and all you feel like you’re good at sometimes. I’m so glad a track such as this exists because it disproves the idea that this is a trivial struggle.

This was the first of many track submissions I’ve received and I was beyond excited to see the email in my inbox! For Lewis and the rest of members of The Brocklebank, your music is something I’d blast with the windows rolled down driving on the PCH for everyone else to hear. Thank you for inviting us to listen in to your artistry, creativity and heart!

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