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You’ve probably seen the symbol of the snake eating its own tail, it’s an unmistakable, thought provoking, powerful symbol. The “Ouroboros”, an ancient Egyptian symbol (possibly the oldest in human existence) representing the cyclical nature of existence, the beginning, the end, everything in-between, all is one, one is all. Infinite.

From the questioning alt. rock piece that gives you “The Answer” – “But what if all I see is just a lie, A storybook created by an egotistic mind.”/“Right or Wrong I am not alone, the truth is no one will ever know” to the psychedelic induced introspection of the east meets west “Ouroboros” - “Runaway into yourself, find a way to make it out”, contemplating what I know as reality (we must all have our own perception) is a prevalent motif that slithers in, out, and through the shadows of Morosity’s eclectic, conceptual album titled “Low Tide”.  Traversing a wide spectrum of mortal experiences including; religion, love, murder, self-exploration, escapism, suicide, anxiety and depression, “Low Tide” will offer something you can connect too. 

I’ll stop here and leave you with the lyrics to “Ouroboros”, my pick of the week for Music To Question Existence.

I hope you enjoy “Ouroboros” and check into the rest of their sullen works.


Beating the heart
Seeing through eyes
Tasting the tongue degrading within
Deep in the bowels back out again
Back in it goes down through the hole
So much to know Swallow it whole
Runaway into yourself
Find a way
Find a way to make it out

Filling the lungs
Bleeding the spine
Stick in the side suck out the life
Drinking the soul fill the hollow
Splitting the skull dividing your mind
Killing your pride push ego aside
Runaway into yourself
Find a way
Find a way to make it out

Band Members include;

Jesse Albrecht – Vocals, Guitar, Hammered Dulcimer, Keys
Jason Wolfe – Violin, Mandolin, Guitar
Shawn Bachinski – Bass
Nick Johnson – Drums
David Rowan – Guitar (Former member/contributor on “Misanthrope” and “Low Tide”)

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About The Curator - Jesse Albrecht

Jesse Albrecht - Music to Curator

A lover of “dark” art. Graphic artist by day, musician at heart. Co-founder, Front-man, guitarist for the Alternative Rock-Folk band “Morosity”.  Jesses’ currently living the small town life in Somewheresville, Wisconsin, where he owns/operates a small business and home recording studio. You can find out more information about Jesse and Morosity at