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Music to Question Existence
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“Life Song” - A psychedelic, kaleidoscopic trip into the colorless unknown.

Weightless, warbling keys, and the impassioned cries of Alex Mass guide you through this solo mission to the other side….of stardom.

As one could imagine, touring the world, playing a seemingly endless amount of live shows without your Valentine can weigh heavy on the heart. Mix that with making the difficult, painful decision of leaving your loved one behind in pursuit of rock immortality must spawn immeasurable feelings of selfish guilt and abandonment, even with the blessings of your beloved (“Even though you sent me off to die”). With all the mixed emotions of an unknown future, weariness of the road, and dying to return home and embrace his love, the song ends with Alex wailing out the words…

“How can I explain
That I'm dying today
I'm dying, I'm dying
I'm dying to say
I am you
I'll see you on the other side”

My interpretation could be completely off (probably)… maybe the songs just about the Voyager 1’s mission to the unknown….

Either way, it’s an otherworldly tune you’ll find highly enjoyable.

The Black Angles are currently on tour (of course they are). To find out more info and tour dates, visit their website with the links below.

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