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I am just in much disbelief as you are reading these words. It's 2019 and the new year is already in full swing.

2018 was unbelievably adventurous, chaotic, and unpredictable, which I feel was true for most people. I lost and found myself so many times, and most importantly gave myself the permission to strip aside my past story to come into 2019 into the purest essence of who I am.

This new year is full of opportunities to shake up your life, strip your old patterns, release your doubt, and plant something new and worthwhile.

And what better way to start this new year with Bonobo’s Kerala. An earthy track that is a staple in Boulder, Colorado yoga scene - honestly it’s hard to take a class without hearing one of Bonobo’s track.

Engulfed in this track’s essence I picture a hero’s journey, courageously finding his way back to the truest definition of himself. Energetic strings, a tempting percussion, and a nod to South Indian culture - this track draws you out of the cords of your pass.

This track encapsulates how stories, tradition, and truth of rural parts of the world find their way across the globe. From people traveling and sharing the truths they had learned, affecting every person and every culture they interact with.

What will your 2019 legacy be? Can you draw upon your influences to change your life and the lives around you for the better?

Dive in. Listen. And watch how your new life begins to unfold. 

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About The Curator - Cam Bigelow

Cam Bigelow - Music to Curator

Cam is a music and yoga fanatic where he spent the last few years honing his skills and passion in the heart of beautiful Boulder, Colorado. He composes his classes based upon what feels best in his body and adds a little “flair” in which he draws from seasoned yoga instructors around the Boulder area. He is always on the hunt for the next song that will “wow” his students and will take his class to the next level. When not obsessing over his playlist for the 12th time or teaching on his mat, you can find Cam exploring all the nature Boulder has to offer, jamming out on his ukulele, and perfecting his bacon-wrapped scallop dinner.

Raised in Orange County, California and residing in Boulder for the last eight years, Cam is shaking up his life by moving to San Francisco in the next few months. For more information about Cam’s yoga practice, check out his website and Instagram @cambyoga.