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Hailing from Clevland, OH As Time Fades new single “This Isn’t What I Paid For” is everything this playlist stands for! It’s catchy as hell, it’s fun, and if I were in charge of booking bands on The Warped Tour, I’d choose them!

Schuyler, the Bass player for the band explains the song as this: “We wrote the song after becoming hooked to the phrase "this isn't what I paid for". We decided to play around with a story that would cause someone to say this phrase. This lead to a story about two friends - one wants to cut ties and rush towards the future, while the other friend wants to go with the flow and enjoy the present.” 

I got the chance to listen to the rest of their Music and they have some damn good tracks. I was honestly amazed these guys hadn’t been picked yet! I’m betting the time is short before everyone know about As Time Fades.

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Blake Byrd - Music to Curator

My name is Blake Byrd I live in Los Angeles, CA. I play in a band called FLOCK, and I love Pop Punk. How many difficult times have these songs gotten you through and how many times have we celebrated to them. None of us can even begin to forget a summer at Warped Tour, so together lets #KeepPopPunkAlive.