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Cemetery Drive released "2AM" under We Are Triumphant records this past July, and if you've been in the need for a song to mosh to in your room, then they have got you covered!

Musically this song starts off hard and has you out of breath by the end. These are lyrics we can all relate to and can scream at the top of our lungs. How many nights have you laid awake in your bed cause the thoughts in your head won't let you rest??

Cemetery Drive gets this one just right, and if you don't know their other songs, I would definitely encourage you to check those out.

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About The Curator - Blake Byrd

Blake Byrd - Music to Curator

My name is Blake Byrd I live in Los Angeles, CA. I play in a band called FLOCK, and I love Pop Punk. How many difficult times have these songs gotten you through and how many times have we celebrated to them. None of us can even begin to forget a summer at Warped Tour, so together lets #KeepPopPunkAlive.