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Time We Never Had – Christoph Sebastian Pabst

Time We Never Had – Christoph Sebastian Pabst

22 April 2021

Enjoy a moment to remember what we have… and to picture a future full of possibilities…

The intensity of resonances – Matt Wilier

26 January 2021

This little stream of resonances is crafted with a gentle ostinato that flows deep inside. Enjoy!

La Dispute – Yann Tiersen

2 December 2020

The song of the week is one of Tiersen’s darkest tracks: “La Dispute”. He says this piece “is about extreme violence, blood, death and the strange state of shock you feel in the moments after something horrible has happened”, however people might think “it’s a romantic thing to listen to on a date”.

Christian Silvosa

Christian Silvosa

Argentinian pianist, composer and producer. From Classical and Tango to House and Ambient, Christian is always looking forward to incorporating new sounds to his music. After many years collaborating with different artists in Buenos Aires, Christian released his first soloist ep: Blood Moon Eclipse. The album presents "his own interpretation of classical, jazz and film-music composition, on which beautifully crafted piano melodies and dreamy, cinematic arrangements create a perfect soundtrack for cosy winter evenings by the fire" (Annie Rew Shaw - Lost in the Transmission Magazine). His classical music background also blends perfectly with electronic music elements, converging in a unique sound that can be heard in "Las Olas" (Ambient music project, co-produced with Sidirum). Also, film scoring, advertising music, and Non-linear compositions (video games) are some places where this versatile composer finds inspiration.