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Hearts Beat Loud – Keegan DeWitt and Kiersey Clemons

15 August 2018

Have you seen the movie Hearts Beat Loud yet? It just came out this summer, and it’s not only a delightful watch, but it also has a fantastic soundtrack that you will want to listen to long after the movie is over…

This is How We Walk on the Moon – Geographer

31 July 2018

“This is How We Walk on the Moon” is a cover of an Arthur Russell song, and it’s a simple but uplifting and powerful song about overcoming challenges. At various times in my life when I’ve been overwhelmed or unsure about the future, it’s really resonated with me, reminding me that every small step forward brings you closer to your goal…

Red and Gold – Danielle Grubb

24 July 2018

This week I’ve been grooving to Danielle Grubb’s EP, “Venus,” which came out May of this year. She has such a unique, eclectic style, with elements of R&B, pop, rock, and funk. My favorite track on the album is “Red and Gold,” a super chill song that sets the perfect mood for long drives with the windows open…

Becky Welch

Becky Welch

Becky has been a music-obsessed, compulsive playlist maker and live music enthusiast for as long as she can remember. Few things delight her more than sharing music and geeking out with people who care as much about it as she does. She plays piano and “plays” the ukulele and guitar. She likes almost every genre but is mostly drawn to fun songs that make her dance with abandon.