Eyes Closed And Traveling – Peter Broderick


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Growing Up – Igor Longhi

4 July 2018

So we’re going to be making some changes to the Music to Fly With Confidence playlist – after a year of curating we recognize that while the idea was great and that yes – soothing piano music is a great way to calm your fear of flying – we’re probably hiding our light under a bushel here…

Light As Air – Richard P John

29 May 2018

This is one of those tracks that you’d put on repeat and listen until your soul gets fulfilled by emotions.

Its power is all in the simplicity of the chords and of the arpeggios. The warm sound relieves any kind of stress and helps you to clear up your mind…

Broken Soul In G Minor – Igor Longhi

23 May 2018

Do you ever grin when you listen to music?  No seriously – when you’re on your own and nobody’s looking and you don’t need to present the mask that the world seems to need – do you ever just joyfully let your face contort and unashamedly express how music makes you feel?

Igor Longhi

Igor Longhi

Igor Longhi, Italian piano and soundtracks composer, life enthusiast. After the publication of 4 albums and international live experience with his reggae band (Makako Jump) from 2002 to 2015, Igor got back to his classical origins by capitalizing on his musical influences, resulting from great masters such as Einaudi, Yiruma, Tiersen, and drawing with classicism and minimalism piano its flag. (Piano) music is simply his life. www.igorlonghi.com www.facebook.com/igorlonghipiano www.twitter.com/igor_longhi