Igor Longhi

Light As Air – Richard P John

29 May 2018

This is one of those tracks that you’d put on repeat and listen until your soul gets fulfilled by emotions.

Its power is all in the simplicity of the chords and of the arpeggios. The warm sound relieves any kind of stress and helps you to clear up your mind…

13 – Arelius

15 May 2018

Delicate, gentle, uplifting.


The piano sound resonates in my ears for minutes after the end of the song  keeping my stress level very low 

Wayne Wilkins is not only a sought after record producer, songwriter, and musician. 

Confident In Your Strength – Becky Green

30 April 2018

Wonderful piano patterns, mixed up with a celestial voice and a little electronic pads. Great track to take your soul even higher then the plane you’re sitting in.

La Deriva – Manuel Zito

23 April 2018

Sweet, evocative, touching. One of the sweetest melodies I ever heard. Piano, strings and electronic music melts perfectly in this ballad.

Manuel Zito began playing and studying classical music at the age of five. In 2002, after listening to the Coldplay album “A rush of blood to the head” he also dedicated himself to listen and play “non-classical” music too…

Postcard – Athena Varosio

17 April 2018

A perfect mix between synth, piano, woodwinds, strings and dulcimer. Melody is hypnotical, catching, relaxing, dreamy. Perfect to let your fantasy run away from the fear of flying.

Nocturne – Daniel Paterok

10 April 2018

A wonderful track, melancholy and sweet. Wonderful the idea of the cello that reprises the melody made by the piano in the beginning…

Could be a sleep time story narrated by the mother to his son, and that years after the son narrates to his kids.

Hallelujah – Remo Anzovino

3 April 2018

There’s a thing, that I like more than any other. And this is to feel relaxed.

Every time I hear this tune, I am filled with a sense of peace and tranquility.. I get rid of all sad thoughts, and I feel like in heaven…

Truro Road – Juan Maria Solare

20 March 2018

One of the most lovely themes I heard since I started this journey as a playlist curator. This could be the perfect soundtrack for a film, is delicate and in the same time plenty of emotions.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow – The O’Neill Brothers

13 March 2018

I think this is one of the most covered songs in the world, there are more than 650 official versions recorded. It could not be different. The theme is so sweet and tender that can get directly to the heart of babies and adults…

Bella Notte – David Huntsinger

6 March 2018

Oh, this is the night, it’s a beautiful night
And we call it bella notte
Look at the skies, they have stars in their eyes
On this lovely bella note

Side by side with your loved one
You’ll find enchantment here
The night will weave its magic spell
When the one you love is near

Oh, this is the night and the heavens are right
On this lovely bella notte

The Canon of Seven – Alessandra Celletti (Gurdjieff / De Hartmann)

27 February 2018

This week, I selected a mystical, sad, relaxing track written in the first years of 1900 by Thomas de Hartmann under dictation of mr. G. I. Gurdjieff, a mystic, philosopher, spiritual teacher, and composer of Armenian and Greek descent, born in Alexandrapol (yep, no commercial airplains yet!)…

Butterflies (Renaissance) – Tony Anderson

20 February 2018

Tony’s music moves us into different dimensions – into worlds where our memories, stories and nostalgia find space to flourish. With each song, a simple melody finds its way into our hearts, almost bypassing the mind entirely.

L’ingranaggio di un respiro – Luca Ciut

13 February 2018

Listening to this track, we hardly notice the constant crescendo of dynamics and tension.It could be the description of our breathing during the day, from the calm of the awakening to the breathlessness given by the evening fatigue.Or it could be the breath of two lovers, which evolves as the passion grows stronger.

Persist – David Hordijk

7 February 2018

With my music, I like to tell a story. I sketch an atmosphere, which reflects me at that moment. However, just painting this atmosphere is not enough for me, something has got to happen. With that atmosphere as a starting point, I take off. Let go of where you were and join me on an adventure…

Beethoven’s Stairway – Christine Brown

30 January 2018

Classical music and hard rock, often met. Just think about the Concerto For Group And Orchestra recorded in 1969 by Deep Purple. A masterpiece in the history of music.

Christine Browne, mixes up two of the biggest icons in these genres… and builds up a track that’s more than stick together two covers.

Truman Sleeps – Philip Glass

23 January 2018

Here we go again with a super famous track.

This is a short one, less then 2 minutes… So simple in the chord progression, but at the same time so powerful, this is the perfect representation of the feeling you’d feel while watching a baby sleeping…

Big Sky – Lars Jakob Rudjord

16 January 2018

This track is about looking out from airplane windows and seeing the top of the clouds as far as your eye can see. 

Piano creates a perfect harmonic carpet, mixed with a cello… and the celestial choir that underlines the melody, makes it perfect for being in the sky. 

Tears and Bones – Martino Vergnaghi

9 January 2018

Hardly a track like this can be described.. words cannot explain what this wonderful melody will do to you mind and your body.

So, for this time, stop reading…

We Should Waltz – Kevin Kern

2 January 2018

Few things can calm me down as a simple but really touching waltzer can. Listening to this track, I can feel the friendship that the author built with his intrument. I can imagine him, talking to the piano while pressing the keys. His music is intimate, soft, touching.

Conscious Love – Louis Landon

18 December 2017

Serenity, sense of completeness, tranquility. This is what you’ll feel listening to this track. The melody surrounds you, and is able to heal every fear you could feel in your soul.

Hallelujah – Brian Crain

12 December 2017

“The forth, the fifth, the minor fall, the major lift” and yes, this probably is half of the magic in this track, probably, one of the most covered songs in the world. The melody is haunting, simple, soothing, relaxing, but at the same time powerful. Can talk directly to your soul.

Butterflies Pt. 1 – Alice Thompson

5 December 2017

Alice is a classically trained pianist and composer. Alice’s next-generation modern, minimal classical piano compositions have been broadcast on the radio in 103 countries worldwide…

Le 4 Novembre – Brique a Braq

28 November 2017

Author says about this track: “This was a day in which I discovered some earth-shattering, horrible news, but I was comforted by my wife and some very close friends…perspective and balance became important, and I tried to capture that idea in the piece.”

Prelude – Gian Marco La Serra

21 November 2017

A little bit of Chopin, a taste of Beethoven, and some Dream Theater recalls too. This is the magic behind this wonderful track that slowly grows taking away your breath, the perfect mix between old and modern classical music.

Everyday – Carly Comando

17 November 2017

The first time I heard this track, I got completely into it. It’s powerful, it’s uplifting, it’s overwhelming. And it was associated to a stunning video that became viral in no time. A guy, Noah Kalina, took a picture of himself once a day for almost 6 years, and then put everything in a rapid sequence. Can you imagine it? Almost 3.000 pictures that in less then 6 minutes flow in front of your eyes.. and this music running as sountrack.

I’m Forrest… Forrest Gump – Alan Silvestri

7 November 2017

Everybody in the world, knows this wonderful melody. Everybody at least once, found himself whistling the theme while absent-minded. And this happens because the simplicity of the notes brings back the listener to his childhood. Oh, and obviously because the film “Forrest Gump” was a total blast for the emotions of the viewer 😀

Colori (Colors) – Fabrizio Paterlini

31 October 2017

A sweet and at the same time comforting melody is the strong point of this song. A melody that smells of desire for discovery, and that grows during all the track duration, evolving into a strong rhythmic version at the end.

The perfect song to dream while we’re flying…

Once upon a December – Emile Pandolfi

24 October 2017

Dancing bears, painted wings, things I almost remember. And a song someone sings once upon a December.  Someone holds me safe and warm, horses prance through a silver storm. Figures dancing gracefully, across my memory.

Pern – Yann Tiersen

17 October 2017

The vastity of the ocean, a piano in the middle of a green sea of grass, and some young boys playing ring-around-the-rosy. This is what I see when I listen to Pern. The track rises and falls beautifully, becoming touching and uplifting at the same time.

Eyes Closed And Traveling – Peter Broderick

10 October 2017

While the left hand rhythmically gives the time through the chords, the right hand plays a sweet melody that makes you think about freedom. If I focus on music, I instantly get transported in the middle of a road surrounded by a vast field of sunflowers.

Quando – bzur

3 October 2017

bzur is a solo music project born in Cagliari – Sardinia – Italy

He started studying piano at age 7. After several years, an interest in composition developed. His first – almost undocumented! – works were deeply influenced by european electronic music masters Jean Michel Jarre and Vangelis.

Kim’s Variations I – Michele Nobler

25 September 2017

Poetry. And magic. This is what you can find in this piano solo track. The whole song is a crescendo of overwhelming emotions, that takes you by hand and bring you far away. Let your heart get filled by this notes.

Birth (acoustic version) – Dardust

19 September 2017

Piano and strings perfectly stick together in this amazing track. There’s something in the melody that brings the listener into a state of complete relax.

To the Sky (Moderate) – Dirk Maassen

12 September 2017

The low fi recording of this track, makes the melody (if possible) able to touch listener’s soul even more than if it would have been recorded on a clean, modern piano. This kind of recording, adds some nuances of melancholy to the track.

Le Onde – Ludovico Einaudi

5 September 2017

This is a track I’m particularly fond to. In fact, it’s the first encounter I had with modern classical music… and it was my wife, that made me discover it. We passed hours sharing earphones, keeping our hands tight and listening to it. Since that day, my musical life changed. The notes were touching my soul so deeply that I decided to get more into it, and I started my classical piano composing experience. 

Dismissed – Michele McLaughlin

28 August 2017

An amazing game between the tones of a tender waltz and a dark ostinato. When I listen to this tune, I imagine a couple starting to dance in a very romantic way… and getting swept away from passion. A seduction game. Pure passion.

Married Life (From “Up”) – Michael Giachino

21 August 2017

Does really exists some words that can describe this wonderful composition? In just 4 minutes, can tell the whole story of the real love. The happiest and the saddest moments we all, in our life, face. So, fly away with this super melody.

Following a Bird (Unconditioned) – Ezio Bosso

15 August 2017

When I listen to this track, I imagine myself sitting in front of a window, being hypnotized by the movement of a little sparrow searching for food… and suddenly flying away. I continue to follow his flight as far as I can see it. This brings me in a totally relaxed mood.

Ambre – Nils Frahm

7 August 2017

A soft enchanting, melancholic piano melody, similar to poetry that takes control of your feelings and makes you think about your childhood.

Pilgrims On a Long Journey – Coeur De Pirate

1 August 2017

This week I decided to move a little bit outside the “solo piano” boundaries of the  playlist, because I find that the use of strings in this piece is simply essential and in the same time necessary to evoke your inner and deep feelings. Many of you probably will know this track as it’s been used as soundtrack for an amazing fantasy video game called “Child of Light”. 

The Arctic Light – Marika Takeuchi

24 July 2017

An easy melody that pervades your mind and reassures you if you’re frightened. Or simply keeps your mind relaxed if you are not 😀 Perfect tune to listen while you’re above the clouds… following them with your eyes. 

Dismantle – Peter Sandberg

18 July 2017

WOW, this is a perfect track to keep your mind away from the anxiety and the fears about flying. This piano solo song is able to caress your soul, driving you in a place surrounded by light and comfortable feelings.

Prèlude – Alexandra Streliski

11 July 2017

Optimistic mood, with a note of melancholy. A haunting melody, never mundane rhythmic statements, and some chord variations make this track the perfect travel buddy to fly with.

Haunted Past – Philip Wesley

4 July 2017

Close your eyes, let this wonderful music flow through your feelings. Let the notes take your soul and feel as when you were a child, listening to the lullaby to fall asleep.