Death Grip – Morosity


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Far From Any Road – The Handsome Family

Far From Any Road – The Handsome Family

17 May 2021

A dark dusty track, used in the introduction to the instant cult classic – “True Detective”.

Pretty Pictures – Celibate Rifles

27 April 2021

Sadly we’ve lost Damo but his music will cement his immortality forever.

The Crossing Place – Beelzebub Jones, Half Deaf Clatch

15 March 2021

If the Devil had a bastard child I think I just found him.

Chris Mccann

Chris Mccann

Drawn to music from an early age, Chris' first album was The Beach Boys - Good Vibrations, a record he'd spent weeks saving up his pocket money for. Now after many years of second hand vinyl markets and countless concerts and festivals, Chris a painter and decorator by day, continues to chase the dragon for that next cool music discovery. Raised in Brisbane and now operating out of Noosa on Australia's sunshine coast, you can learn more about Chris at