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Sean is a musician, writer, and artist currently studying psychology near Los Angeles, California. He really enjoys nice smelling fauna and homely ambient lighting. After exclusively listening to the Beatles, Beethoven, and Pink Floyd until the age of fourteen, he now possesses a wide music taste and loves discovering and sharing the beautiful art that he comes across. Sean loves how music is able to indefinably connect to the individual on such a unique and personal level. Sean is currently working on releasing his first full-length album in the near future. To know more, connect with Sean on Instagram!


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The most meaningful memories, friendships, periods, and songs that I have experienced throughout my life have always seemed to possess a warm, indescribable glow. This playlist is about capturing songs which not only express an emotion but speak to the heart in a way which the brain has no hold to. 

In compiling Music To Be Human I will be choosing to publish songs with a purpose, a deeper meaning, and an ability to emotionally transport the listener to a world of depth within their heart they seem to have had forgotten but had never thrown away.

This playlist is not genre specific and is open to any songs that promote their ineffable humanity, from lo-fi folk to atmospheric drone. If you’ve come to listen, dive in, hopefully some words and chords will speak to you! 

If you’ve come to submit a track, thank you and I’m all ears!

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