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My name is Aarushi and I am from India. I recently graduated from college and am still getting used to being a real adult. My passion for music and discovering new artists and tracks supersedes most other things in life. An average millennial, I love dogs, coffee shops and dark chocolate.


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I like to believe that the wheel of emotions was built because humans are intended to experience the entire range of emotions. This does not mean that we do not chase happiness; of course, human life is wont to do that. But that does not mean that we do not savour the other moments of pain, anguish, failure and heartbreak that inevitably puncture our daily life. Moments like these which challenge our existence and incentivise us to do better and to be better. 

Experiencing these emotions is an integral part of every human life and as such, we should take pride in our ability to really feel the way we do and celebrate it. Every celebration needs music so one ought to think of this playlist as a celebration of life. If your life were a movie then this playlist would be your soundtrack: ranging from the victory dance to the gut-wrenching pain. 

The diversity is not limited to emotions alone. The playlist is widespread in the genres it represents too. It features as much jazz as it does indie peppered with blues induced country and Indian music. Language is no barrier because love and life are experienced universally. The combination of these tracks does not make a coherent story, rather a muddle that reflects the confusion and non-linearity of life. Love, joy, loss, anger, frustration; all find a place here to make sure that every moment of life is valued; to make sure that at every moment, we are alive. 

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