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Multi Award winning Tanzania artist Naseeb Abdul Juma known also known as Diamond Platnumz is considered one of the most influential , loved and decorated Tanzanian artist at the moment.

The track Nasema Nawe is a slow mesmerizing music with soft vocal rendered by Diamond Platnumz alongside Khadija Kopa . This collaboration is a seamless interjection of vocals over traditional whistle , drums , and tambourine . At various points in the music , you will feel you are in the Arabian desert joyriding on a camel’s back . A belly dance will go well to this sound if you house the skill to move your waste.


I love and chose this track particularly because It is not driven or heavily burdened by western pop instrumentation or writing format. This has all what you will expect from an african sound. Rhythm, melody , Swahili charming lyrics and jungle vibe.

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My relentless  passion for music has been well documented through my lens as  an amateur DJ from college days then  to working as a trainee stage manager for a Live band , and further evolving into a different role as an artist manager / A&R consultant for indie artist .

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