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I remember the first time I heard Eva Cassidy. I know exactly where I was when I discovered Norah Jones, the road I was driving down when Melody Gardot commanded I pull over, and listen in hushed reverence.

And now, I’m inescapably destined to remember where I am at this precise moment; exactly what I’m doing, exactly what I’m wearing. It’s a particularly injudicious choice of underwear if you must know, and rather unfortunate too I realise, as our over-familiar post-lady breezes in through an unlocked door to present me with the morning mail, and a look of sheer horror, and not necessarily in that order either. Because this moment is when I first hear a singer called Loren Nine. I’ll also recall thinking, what a stupidly pretentious name she’s chosen. 

Loren Nine… No, this is gonna be totally pants! But… that’s before I hear her sing.


Where the hell did that come from?

Wow… these moments don’t happen that often, cherish them, love them, they’ll love you back, they’ll help you through the bad times. I promise you that.

Loren Nine? The ‘Nine’ is probably referencing the fact that she wrote her first song at age nine. I could be wrong, but hey I’m a hard-nosed detective. and my powers of deduction have been honed to perfection. Of course, if that’s actually the case then she could just as well have called herself Loren Thirteen, thirteen being the age at which she signed her first publishing deal… but in all fairness, I suppose thirteen could be considered a portent to bad luck, should one be even remotely inclined towards black cat and broomstick superstition. 

All well and good, but what’s she sound like?…  Hah, I nearly forgot… Gardot, Jones, Cassidy. Not just names plucked from the ether. Not at all, this is very much the ball-park I’d place her in. Singers gifted with unique vocal qualities, with superior timbre and tonality, and with apparently effortless levels of jazz-infused musicianship. All are equalled by Loren; all are artists with whom, imho, she easily withstands critical comparison.

And the song? It’s a break-up song, she’s convincing herself she doesn’t need him, she’s not gonna miss him, not gonna miss those intimate little moments; the essence a loving relationship. Anyone having to deal with a parting of the ways will find absolution in this song. It’s a universal theme at the core of human experience.

Modestly describing her music as moodkiller tales of heartbreak, she does seem a tad too self-deprecating, especially for someone so clearly capable of becoming a household name in fairly short order. Who Needs You is a sublimely gorgeous song, full of romantic maturity and hushed intimacy. It’s a work of Elysian beauty. I can’t even begin to comprehend the sort of artistic and creative mindset that’s capable of producing such a potentially timeless classic - even if you’ve been working at it since you were nine years old, lol.

Loren’s given surname appears to be Geerts, which I think is Dutch, so let’s take a stab that she’s probably from Holland. She’s just finished a giant UK tour supporting Caro Emerald, who is most definitely Dutch. (I just missed the tour. Ouch!) 

One would be forgiven for thinking that this is a typical DIY-release. However, there are some clues that this isn’t the case at all, and It looks to me like she’s possibly been snapped up by some major record label, or some fancy management team. There are a couple of industry movers & shakers credited with a co-write on this song, and it looks like her whole back catalogue and musical history is currently being air-brushed from the internet. I know from experience with my own label, that this is what happens once the big boys get involved. So, I’ll definitely be waiting to see which label releases her next song. I’m guessing it will be Grandmono Records, who I think are the current label behind Caro Emerald! 

Hah, Told you I was a Detective!

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