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I’d had MINOR SURGERY. I was prescribed CODEINE. These songs were my THOUGHTS and my DREAMS. My CODEINE DREAMS! 

Just wanna wake up to the sun shining thru my window, hear the wind blow, I just wanna see the light of day, see my kids grow. 

LUNCH BREAK was the lead single from Bléu’s 2017 album CODEINE DREAMS. It really covers some ground in its brief 3:34 minutes; God, creation, death, love, loss, regret, motherhood. It’s a stream of consciousness outpouring of the artist’s inner-self, whilst caught up in a codeine induced dreamstate.

CODEINE DREAMS are apparently a real THING. Hell, it must be true - they wrote an episode of THE SIMPSONS about it…

Codeine abuse even led to a bit of an underground epidemic/scene in some parts of the US around the turn of the Century. The warning ‘potentially highly addictive & dangerous’ should appear in anything and everything about Codeine.

This is smokey, breathy, softly spoken, alternative hip-hop/R&B, delivered in that elusive, effortless, unforgettable and indescribable way you hear from singers like SADE, CORRINE BAILEY RAE, INDIA ARIE, JAMILA WOODS (lower register/silkier). Perhaps even Janet Jackson or Lauren Hill. 

Bléu distills childhood musical influences (the likes of Brandy, Jasmine Sullivan etc) into her own songwriting, of which she says ‘experiences just pile up on top of each other and make you the person you’re going to be. I grew up in Fresno, singing in church. I’m goofy. I love to laugh. I have a lot to say and it’s just so much easier for me to put it all into music’.

So, turn it up; feel the hit at 00:30 and that vibe at 01:20. So simple, so effective.

Perhaps you’ll relate to this song by way of a similar life experience, hospitalisation, medication, pain killers; that half asleep, half awake state of purgatory/paradise where everything’s so real, yet everything is so synchronously, totally ethereal.

Or perhaps you reached such a state of your own volition, via addiction or experimentation?

Either way, it’s definitely a strange place to be… dangerous and defining in equal measure?

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