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A man and a woman, imprisoned in an abandoned flat set outside of time. They are far apart. Compelled by a strange force, they wander in search of its source. They find one another and their bodies touch. They find freedom together. They are each other’s light shadow, each a part of the other. 

The song! a lucid exposition of an abstract idea (the soul mate). The theory that there is someone out there who will complete you, with whom you can be everything that you could ever be. The accompanying video! Florence, Italy. An abandoned flat. Two dancers. Music and art collide. 

From the first few bars I know I’ll love this song. Those keys, that voice, that guitar! We’re only thirty seconds in and I’m already down in the stalls at Wembley Arena. The Floyd are lighting up my senses with crazy diamonds and I’m witness to how music can transcend any notes that can ever be written on paper. Just thirty seconds, and Light Shadow is already a beautiful, beautiful, etherial piece of musical perfection. 

Bang on the minute mark and we’re changing up into an electronic drum beat. The song’s taking off in a whirling fusion of Sigur Ros ambience and echoing U2 guitar motifs, where the chords have no name and you still haven’t found what you’re looking for. There’s such a tasteful use of contrast, such a fine utilisation of dynamics throughout this song. I can’t overstate how everything comes together and makes so much more sense when you see the dancers in the youtube video.

SURfACE, an Italian American band… imagine this performed live in a venetian palatsio.

If you’ve found your soul mate already, you’ll want to hear this song, and you’ll want to see this video. If you’re still searching, then consider this a musical map to guide you… li㊨

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