Throw your hair up real big, beauty queen style, open those damn windows, and then turn this song up as loud as you can. What’s wrong with channeling your inner diva prior to getting down and dirty? 

Listing to Lana Del Rey's Summertime Sadness is definitely a guilty pleasure for me. It evokes a very specific image in my head that usually feels something like this; a sticky summer night, blue jean cutoffs, car windows rolled all the way down, music blaring, singing at the top of my lungs, and making arm waves while I sail through sleeping suburbia. On nights like this it doesn't matter where I'm going, it's the journey that counts. When I listen to London-based producer Asadhino's Deep House remix of this song, sadness is the last thing I feel. High heels off, I'm feeling alive. 

*Curated by Nicole, Nico New Media

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