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Nicole Paulus has always been a huge music nerd. When she's not on a dance floor waving her arms like a madwoman, she’s busy running her own digital marketing company: Nicole Paulus - Squarespace Webdesign & Digital Marketing Solutions

A Day In The Lives

1 April 2022

Songs that reflect the complexity of being human.Featuring artists like: Blur,John Grant,Guster,Lipstick Stains,Die Nerven,Club Yoko,Le Tigre,The Staves,Nancy,Metronomy,

Try – Molly Burch

9 January 2018

Unrequited love. We’ll all been there, am I right? 

Though I’m currently in a mutually loving and respectful relationship, it wasn’t that long ago that I was crooning in a steamy shower over yet another fuckboy down the drain. 

Dance This Mess Around – The B-52s

25 October 2017

I remember when I saw B-52s at the Rialto Theater in Tucson, Arizona a few years back. I was in my early 20s and expecting a highly energetic performance.

Ever heard this phrase? “Quit while you’re ahead?” None of the members of the B-52s ever have apparently. Instead, I imagine they all have matching tattoos on their rear ends that say something like “Keep on Truckin’” because that’s exactly what they’re doing.

The Fear – Lily Allen

10 October 2017

When asked to pick a song for this playlist I immediately knew my first selection would have to be Lily Allen, my go-to for feminist anthems. The question was, which Lily Allen song? Instead of picking one from her brilliant and feminist (in a more obvious way) album Sheezus, I’ve picked an earlier hit, The Fear.

Ripe – Screaming Females

28 August 2017

If I could have picked my own voice, I would have certainly chosen something other than this nasally one I’m currently rockin’. Instead, I’d much rather sound like Marissa Paternoster. I know what you’re probably thinking, “WHO THE HELL IS THAT?” 

Little Boxes – Malvina Reynolds

1 August 2017

Like most folks living in this century, you probably associate this song with the early 2000s television series “Weeds”. The opening credits for the show were set to this track, and each episode featured a different musician covering the song.

Somebody – Dream Wife

18 July 2017

This song isn’t overly complicated nor is it overly angstyInstead, it’s a catchy tune that lightheartedly mocks the unwanted attention that pretty girls in male-dominated industries have to face. Sure, being a pretty girl has its advantages but sometimes it can also feel like a curse.

Priestess – Pumarosa

6 July 2017

This song reminds me of an awesome sign I saw at the Women’s Day March a few months ago. “We are the granddaughters of the witches you couldn’t burn.” 

Werewolf – Fiona Apple

16 June 2017

I know what you’re thinking.

“How cliche. The first song she picks is by Fiona Apple? What is she? Some kind of angsty, male-bashing feminist?” 

Well, not exactly.

Good Voodoo – Kiki (VisionQuest Remix)

30 March 2017

I first heard this song yesterday as I was running through Hasenheide, a huge park by my house. I had already been running (ok, you got me, jogging) for a solid 15 minutes and therefore reaching my tap out point. And then, like a gift from the gods, this magical song started pumping into my ears like a seductive siren, causing me to tap into a dormant energy source I wasn’t even aware existed

Momentum – Kill Frenzy, Justin Jay

21 March 2017

Last night, after a few glasses of wine, my roommate and I were laughing about our individual dancing styles when we are at a club and completely immersed in the music. My roommate tends to hang out in front of the DJ. She’s usually swinging her arms, but in a very controlled way as if she’s marching (that or fending off a bevy of zombies.) Oh and she’s usually smiling really big at other people, wanting to make sure that those around her are having just as much fun as she is.

A Jealous Heart Never Rests – The Black Madonna

20 March 2017

As a woman who loves techno, I feel it is my personal duty to draw attention to all the incredible techno DJs out there who also happen to be ladies. That’s why occasionally I’ll use this playlist as my platform (hey, everyone needs a soapbox, ok?)