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Nicole Paulus has always been a huge music nerd. When she's not on a dance floor waving her arms like a madwoman, she’s busy running her own digital marketing company Nico New Media.

The Glasshouse with Butterfly – Tomáš Dvořák

22 May 2018

More original instrumental music from really good independent games this week. We’re going to have a look at some atmospheric and experimental sounding electronic music. The Glasshouse with Butterfly by Tomáš Dvořák is a track from Amanita Design’s Machinarium…

Welcome to Tajunga – Timecop1983

15 May 2018

I’ve been playing a game called Stories Untold. It’s a text based adventure but with with some really great and atmospheric world building going on. It’s a horror game technically but it’s that kind of “exciting not scary horror” that was in last year’s remake of Stephen King’s IT or Netflix’s Stranger Things, with which, by the way, it shares a common nostalgic 80s aesthetic.

Square Hammer – Ghost

7 May 2018

Alright. Remember Video Game Music? Music composed specifically for games? We were going back to it this week. That was the plan. The past few posts were more mainstream tracks that ended up in games but now we were supposed to get back to take a look at some tracks written specifically for Video Games.

Let’s Go Crazy – Prince

23 April 2018

I’m a huge Prince fan. I’ve got memories of The Most Beautiful Girl in the World being on heavy rotation on MTV one summer during my youth. I was also enthralled by his album covers when I came across them in my dad’s vinyl collection…

Space Lord – Monster Magnet

16 April 2018

My oh my how time flies. Track 15 already. 

Monster Magnet are a great band. I have yet to listen to their most recent album, which I hear is great, but I plan to spend this coming weekend doing just that. They’re a kind of enigma. Like last weeks featured track-wranglers Electric Six, they’ve got a sense of humor about themselves…

Danger! High Voltage – Electric Six

9 April 2018

Now I know I promised this week we’d be sticking with indie games but something came back across my radar and I had to find a crappy game it featured on in order to wedge it into the list. So here you go…

Intro – Elkony

3 April 2018

We’re getting back to our indie roots this week and we are staying there for a while. After a foray through some of the bigger artists to ever grace a video game soundtrack I need a breather. I’ve enjoyed the trip and I’m sure we’ll visit some other big names again but right now we need to change gears…

Spell of the Gypsies – Buckethead

26 March 2018

In a recent interview the ever elusive virtuoso guitarist Buckethead put to bed a debate that has raged amongst his fans for years. That question was why exactly does Buckethead wear a KFC bucket on his head? And why does he wear that mask over his face? When did he decide on the bucket mask combo? What motivated him? He told the Coming Alive Podcast:…

Discipline – Nine Inch Nails

20 March 2018

In 1996 legendary developer id Software released Quake. The game borrowed the first person shooter mechanics introduced in Wolfenstein, perfected in Doom and lampooned in Duke Nukem 3D and injected imagery and stylistic flourishes from H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulu mythos. The dark and menacing world conjured in the game was brought to life with an original soundtrack by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails (NIN) acclaim. It represented Reznor’s first soundtrack work and he would later win an Oscar for his work alongside Atticus Ross (the recently announced second member of NIN!) on The Social Network soundtrack…

All Along the Watchtower – Jimi Hendrix

13 March 2018

Jimi Hendrix fiery interpretation of Bob Dylan’s All Along the Watchtower, from Hendrix’s classic Electric Ladyland struck a deep and resonant chord on its release in September 1968. According to Dylan, Hendrix “could find things inside a song and vigorously develop them” and with all along the watchtower he found something which spoke to the frustrations and confusion surrounding US involvement in the Vietnam War in both the pro and anti war camps.

Roller Mobster – Carpenter Brut

6 March 2018

Carpenter Brut’s Roller Mobster appeared on the soundtrack for Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number an ultra-violent top-down shooter that balances rich and nuanced storytelling with quick and gruesome gameplay mechanics, all rendered in an 8-bit pixel art style…

Something Beneath – Douglas Holmquist (feat. Susanna Lundgren)

27 February 2018

Something Beneath, written by Douglas Holmquist and featuring a haunting vocal performance by Susanna Lundgren, is a track from Mediocre’s mobile masterpiece PinOut! for iOS and Android. PinOut! puts a beautifully designed new spin on the old arcade classic pinball, turning it into a race against the clock through a seemingly infinite range of intricate and varied pinball tables…

In Case of Trouble – Darren Korb

20 February 2018

This week we are continuing our exploration of recent classics from indie games with a track from Supergiant Games’ first outing: BastionIn Case of Trouble was composed by Supergiant’s in house audio and music mastermind Darren Korb who has produced similarly superb soundtracks for the company’s more recent releases Transistor and Pyre. Music and sound are integral to Supergiant’s expertly crafted game worlds. This appreciation for sound is on full display in Bastion, an isometric action rpg that follows a silent but deadly protagonist: ‘the Kid’, as he navigates his way through the myriad of dangers brought on by the apocalyptic calamity that has befallen his beloved native city of Caelondia…

The Gatehouse (Theme) – Ed GAPS & Luke Whitaker

13 February 2018

Big AAA games studios have money. They can afford to hire big name composers, who produce hours of music, that’s recorded by world class musical outfits like the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. This has never been the case for indie developers who are charged with the herculean task of creating meaningful music that will elevate their game’s visuals and hopefully continue to engage their audience long after the credits roll… and all on a shoestring budget…

Green and Blue (Koan Sound Remix) – Neil Davidge

9 February 2018

Track 5 on the playlist is Koan Sound’s remix of Neil Davidge’s epic theme for Halo 4. This playlist celebrates video game music in all of its forms, and while the first tracks explored songs in video games, the playlist will mix things up by embracing some of the all time classic instrumental pieces that have appeared on video game scores.

Obstacles – Syd Matters

9 February 2018

Syd Matters 2005 album Someday We Will Foresee Obstacles borrows its title from the poignant lyrics of it’s 2nd track: “Obstacles”. The intricate but carefully articulated guitar patterns weave through layers of reflective vocals to perfectly capture the feeling of early Autumn in the Pacific Northwest…

Far Away – José González

9 February 2018

Although he’s probably best known for his 2003 cover of Swedish electronic music duo The Knife’s “Heartbeats”, it’s José González “Far Away” that wins him a place on this playlist. Written exclusively for Rockstar San Diego’s open-world wild-west epic: Red Dead Redemption, “Far Away” has become something of a classic example of video game music done right.

Short Change Hero – The Heavy

9 February 2018

Track 2 is “Short Change Hero” by The Heavy. The track featured on the band’s 2009 sophomore release The House That Dirt Built. The Heavy are one of those bands whose name you might not know but you’ve probably heard their music because it seems to turn up everywhere…

Runnin’ Down A Dream – Tom Petty

9 February 2018

“Runnin’ Down a Dream” from Tom Petty’s solo album Full Moon Fever was featured to excellent effect in Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Although only a moderate billboard success on its initial release in 1989, it had become a staple of classic rock radio stations by the early 1990s. Reflecting this trend, the song appears on the in-game classic rock radio station “K-DST The Dust”.

Try – Molly Burch

9 January 2018

Unrequited love. We’ll all been there, am I right? 

Though I’m currently in a mutually loving and respectful relationship, it wasn’t that long ago that I was crooning in a steamy shower over yet another fuckboy down the drain. 

Dance This Mess Around – The B-52s

25 October 2017

I remember when I saw B-52s at the Rialto Theater in Tucson, Arizona a few years back. I was in my early 20s and expecting a highly energetic performance.

Ever heard this phrase? “Quit while you’re ahead?” None of the members of the B-52s ever have apparently. Instead, I imagine they all have matching tattoos on their rear ends that say something like “Keep on Truckin’” because that’s exactly what they’re doing.

The Fear – Lily Allen

10 October 2017

When asked to pick a song for this playlist I immediately knew my first selection would have to be Lily Allen, my go-to for feminist anthems. The question was, which Lily Allen song? Instead of picking one from her brilliant and feminist (in a more obvious way) album Sheezus, I’ve picked an earlier hit, The Fear.

Ripe – Screaming Females

28 August 2017

If I could have picked my own voice, I would have certainly chosen something other than this nasally one I’m currently rockin’. Instead, I’d much rather sound like Marissa Paternoster. I know what you’re probably thinking, “WHO THE HELL IS THAT?” 

Little Boxes – Malvina Reynolds

1 August 2017

Like most folks living in this century, you probably associate this song with the early 2000s television series “Weeds”. The opening credits for the show were set to this track, and each episode featured a different musician covering the song.

Somebody – Dream Wife

18 July 2017

This song isn’t overly complicated nor is it overly angstyInstead, it’s a catchy tune that lightheartedly mocks the unwanted attention that pretty girls in male-dominated industries have to face. Sure, being a pretty girl has its advantages but sometimes it can also feel like a curse.

Priestess – Pumarosa

6 July 2017

This song reminds me of an awesome sign I saw at the Women’s Day March a few months ago. “We are the granddaughters of the witches you couldn’t burn.” 

Werewolf – Fiona Apple

16 June 2017

I know what you’re thinking.

“How cliche. The first song she picks is by Fiona Apple? What is she? Some kind of angsty, male-bashing feminist?” 

Well, not exactly.

Good Voodoo – Kiki (VisionQuest Remix)

30 March 2017

I first heard this song yesterday as I was running through Hasenheide, a huge park by my house. I had already been running (ok, you got me, jogging) for a solid 15 minutes and therefore reaching my tap out point. And then, like a gift from the gods, this magical song started pumping into my ears like a seductive siren, causing me to tap into a dormant energy source I wasn’t even aware existed

Momentum – Kill Frenzy, Justin Jay

21 March 2017

Last night, after a few glasses of wine, my roommate and I were laughing about our individual dancing styles when we are at a club and completely immersed in the music. My roommate tends to hang out in front of the DJ. She’s usually swinging her arms, but in a very controlled way as if she’s marching (that or fending off a bevy of zombies.) Oh and she’s usually smiling really big at other people, wanting to make sure that those around her are having just as much fun as she is.

A Jealous Heart Never Rests – The Black Madonna

20 March 2017

As a woman who loves techno, I feel it is my personal duty to draw attention to all the incredible techno DJs out there who also happen to be ladies. That’s why occasionally I’ll use this playlist as my platform (hey, everyone needs a soapbox, ok?)

Sacred Geometry – Mikael Delta

14 March 2017

Marketed as a brooding and often dark tech house floor filler, what I like most about ‘Sacred Geometry’ is how the track evolves with layers of filtered synth parts, building percussion over the track’s 7 and a half minutes.

Did You Ever – Daniela La Luz

13 March 2017

On Saturday night I arrived to Griessmühle; formerly a pasta factory, and presently one of my favorite clubs in Berlin. Not only is it just a few U-bahn stops from my house, but it’s a bit off the beaten path (and a bit gritty), which means it doesn’t attract a lot of tourists.

Distant Light – Max Cooper

7 March 2017

Max Cooper creates “highly produced, emotional electronica made for both the dance floor and sit-down concerts.” When I hear this song I am immediately reminded of the deep, introspective journey that music sometimes takes me on. There I am in the middle of dance floor, surrounded by gyrating strangers and dancing lights. I close my eyes and go on a mini-vacation in my mind.

Set My Mind (Luttrell Remix) – Way Out West

6 March 2017

Throwing house parties in Berlin, if done right, can actually yield a profit (and no I am not talking about charging your friends upon entry.) In Germany, you can bring your empty glass bottles to your nearest grocery store and get money back. Today, I proudly carried a giant bag of jangly bottles to my corner market and received a whopping 3.18 eur. Woo!

Diving With Whales – Nora En Pure, Daniel Portman

3 March 2017

A couple of days my roommate mentioned that she was going to deep clean the apartment. I said, “Well, wait. Friday we are having a house party and it’s just going to get filthy again.”

Voyeur – The M Machine

1 March 2017

Because this song is a bit slower than the other tracks on the playlist, it’s great for getting in the zone (or pretending your life is in slow motion.) It’s a dreamy trip to the moon without ever having to leave the comfort of your room. 

Virile – The Blaze

28 February 2017

When I first heard this mesmerizing track, I was in a daze…and then I saw the video…my god, I love when music touches me both sonically and visually. The video begins innocuously enough with two freshly dressed dudes having a friendly night in, listening to good music, practicing dance moves, and smoking a joint.

It’s Ok (feat. Patricia Edwards) – Ernesto Blaque

24 February 2017

The lyrics to It’s Ok were written by Patricia Edwards way before I ever made the song. I liked it when I first heard the lyrics and then decided to write music to it. Since Patricia is based in New York and I am based In Johannesburg, I wanted the song to have both an American as well as a South African feel to it. I also wanted the song to fit in any club around the world. Hope you enjoy!

A New Day (feat. Fritz Kalkbrenner) – Chopstick and Johnjon

24 February 2017

It’s the freakin’ weekend and I couldn’t be more excited. Before I crack open a bottle of beer and toast to the ending of a particularly stressful week, I still have a few tasks I need to finish backing up all my data to my external hard drive (a habit I need to just go ahead and adopt weekly). 

Rivaldo – Sasha

22 February 2017

Today it’s raining buckets and I am completely and totally OK with that. Why? Because I am tucked safely away in my apartment, catching up on laundry and letting my creative juices percolate. This song is great for tapping into inspiration goldmines when you’re stuck indoors on a drizzly day. 

Grey – Kölsch

20 February 2017

In any decent DJ playlist there is always at least one track that stands out. For me Kölsch’s, Grey epitomises such a record. It’s upfront, it doesn’t stand about, it hits the spot and clears off in under 5 mins leaving us wanting more. It’s my favourite tune of the now and now is all we have.  

Generation Nostalgia – Bwana

19 February 2017

I love everything about this song. It reminds me of those magical moments when I get so entranced with the music on the dance floor that I feel like I am being taking to another world, far, far away from this one. My mind is completely clear while my body is perfectly in sync with the music. Impermenance is irrelevant when you are transcending your physical self. 

Rinse Repeat – Thrupence

17 February 2017

Much like the repetitive nature of cleaning your living space, the chimed plucks in the beginning of the track repeat throughout and takes the listener on circular adventure as added layers build on this theme with an array of syncopated break beats, futuristic synths, and a driving bass line.

Rock Solid (Mickey Remix) – Rambla Boys

15 February 2017

The other night I had the arduous task of putting together an IKEA bed that I had bought secondhand. The task was arduous because 1. There were no instructions, 2. I had never put together a bed before.

House Work – Jax Jones

14 February 2017

“I call it house work, ’cause it’s like work. But Ima throw shade if I don’t get paid for this house work.” Man, I can relate. I don’t just dance; I dance like it’s my motha fuckin’ job. 

Monday – Fur Coat

10 February 2017

Ever since I stumbled upon this song, I can’t stop listening it. It’s so great, I don’t even want to dilute it with my fanciful analogies. Just do yourself a favor and listen to it….really, really loud. 

Hans is Driving – Vitalic (feat. Miss Kittin)

6 February 2017

If I could have one wish, it would be that this song would start playing as soon as I enter a lucid dream (that beautiful space between waking life and deep slumber when my body is completely relaxed and weightless but I still complete control over my thoughts and movements.)

Oceans – CAZZETTE (feat. Leo Stannard)

2 February 2017

You can find out more about CAZZETTE here: LIKE THIS TRACK? THANK KELLEN WOHL. <img src=”” alt=”KCW” /> KCW is the electronic music project of Kellen Charles Wohl, a musician, producer, DJ and pianist living in San Francisco. KCW composes, arranges, and performs his own creative blend of electronic dance music in the deep and… View Article

Klaus Your Eyes – Kotelett & Zadak, Kuriose Naturale

23 January 2017

The world is a scary place. Sometimes it’s necessary to disengage, unplug, and just let your thoughts wander. When I leave the dance floor, I feel the same way that I imagine it feels to leave a really great therapy session.  

Sunny – Umami

23 January 2017

If my roommate or I have a bad day, we have a series of songs that we put on full blast to cheer one another up; Drunk in Love by Beyonce, Love Invaders by Fatima Yamaha, and this one. We always put these songs on to celebrate the good days too 🙂

Saku – Fort Romeau

23 January 2017

When I am a grandma one day I won’t tell my kids that I walked miles in the snow to get to school (I grew up in the desert so that would be a flat out lie). I will, however, tell them about the time I walked to Berghain alone to see one of my favorite DJs (Fort Romeau) at 3 in the morning, . I’ll then tell them that he didn’t go on until 9a which meant I had to entertain my drunk sleepy self for another 6 hours. 

Attention – David Jach

23 January 2017

I now know why Berliners spend every single second of the warm weather outdoors. When you only have one month of real summer, you tend not to take it for granted. While I’m seriously looking forward to the sun setting at 9pm, rooftop bars, dining al fresco, boozy picnics with friends, and open air festivals, I’m also trying to appreciate the gray winter days.

Domino – Oxia

23 January 2017

This morning I woke up and had every intention of diving right into my Monday “to-do” list. Instead, my eye caught the overflowing heap of laundry, then quickly moved to the collection of dust bunnies nesting near my shoes. Before you know it I was scrubbing the toilet, mopping the floor, and rearranging my closet.  

Taubenblut – Dominik Eulberg

17 January 2017

Eulberg is a fairly new artist to me. I actually “discovered” him (can you even call it that these days?) on my Spotify “Discover Weekly” playlist, go figure. Sometimes Spotify delivers some pretty random suggestions (guess I have an eclectic music taste) but this one was spot on. 

The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth – Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

16 January 2017

Experiencing new places is important for both personal and collective growth. This song captures the inspiration that new adventures can bring. 

Sugar Town – Nancy Sinatra

16 January 2017

My optimism and imagination has led to accusations of living with my head in the clouds. I have learned to embrace this as part of my creativity and this song as the anthem.

King of Carrot Flowers Pt. 1 – Neutral Milk Hotel

16 January 2017

I often play full albums when I make Jewelry.  Neutral Milk Hotel’s “In the Aeroplane Over the Sea” has always been a popular choice for me while working.   

A Postcard to Nina – Jens Lekman

16 January 2017

This song tells a short story that I can always get lost in.  The chorus is fun, catchy and favorable to create to.  

Hyperballad – Bjork

16 January 2017

I have always enjoyed this song because it speaks of the strange rituals people use to maintain balance and happiness in their lives. There is a sense of secrecy attached, as these small routines take on a life of their own. 

Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Part 1 – The Flaming Lips

16 January 2017

This song has continuously motivated me throughout the years.  It is an optimistic song that hints at success, but reminds you that this is only attainable with strength and hard work.

Sleep the Clock Around – Belle & Sebastian

16 January 2017

Belle & Sebastian has a calm and reflective quality that has the ability to keep me in a productive mood. Much of my jewelry has been created with their music playing in the background.

It Is What it Is – Blood Orange

16 January 2017

Blood Orange has been one of my recent favorite artists.  His ability to seamlessly blend different styles of music makes for a delightful sound.

One Summer Night – Ariel Pink

16 January 2017

I find Ariel Pink to be intriguing because he is eccentric, yet easy to listen to.  I see this as meaningful because he is able to reach a large audience without compromising his uniqueness.  

Surfing on a Rocket – Air

16 January 2017

It is inspiring when art is interpreted in different ways, and this song holds the potential for endless explanations. I have always associated it with the need to let go of things that no longer allow you to progress.  

I Was A Landscape in Your Dream – of Montreal

16 January 2017

I fell in love with of Montreal long ago. They have influenced me through their progressive lyrics and high energy shows.

Birds – Electrelane

16 January 2017

Creativity often arises after experiencing love and the loss of it.  I appreciate this song about heartbreak because it balances vulnerability with a sense of pride.  The last full minute of the song is my favorite.

The Altruist – Saddles

16 January 2017

Since moving to Phoenix, Arizona, I have been fortunate to meet lots of creative and inspiring people.  Saddles is an example of the local talent that motivates me to create. This song is from their newly released album, “ Yoke.”

Gay Human Bones – Harlem

16 January 2017

I was excited when I moved to Tucson, Arizona after attending high school in a Virginia suburb. The desert landscape, colorful homes and alternative music felt so vibrant.  Harlem is a garage band that originated in Tucson during this time of my life.  

Did You See the Words – Animal Collective

16 January 2017

I have always appreciated Animal Collective.  I admire their songs as being packed with emotion and unique sounds.  Their music pushes me to experiment with my talents as they have with each of their albums. 

You Wanna Know (feat. Joy) – Wankelmut

13 January 2017

If the name Wankelmut sounds familiar to you, it’s probably because I’ve already added one of his tracks to this playlist. When I heard this song, however, I couldn’t help but also include it. And don’t even think about asking me why I didn’t just add my favorite. That’s like asking a chubby kid which flavor of ice cream is his favorite. The answer you’ll likely hear is “all of them, duh”. 

Cycle – Coma

13 January 2017

I love to put this song on when I am getting ready to go out into the night. In fact, I just turned the track on and it immediately put me in “weekend mode” (not really a good thing considering it’s barely Tuesday). 

I Spit That – David Keno, Stage Rockers

13 January 2017

The lyrics to this song are as follows “Sweet dolla’ tea from McDonald’s, I drink that. Super hot fire, I spit that. 2 & A Half Men, I watch that.” After a quick interweb research (thanks Google), I discovered that the vocals were pulled from this YouTube rap battle between SUPAHOTFIRE and B-Bone. Maybe SUPAHOTFIRE isn’t the best rapper, but he sure makes one hell of  a presence on this track. Can’t. stop. listening

It’s True (Ron Flatter Remix) – Benn Finn

13 January 2017

There is a cliché about living in Berlin; that everyone’s a damn DJ. To some extent it’s true. Though I’m not, I have plenty of friends who claim to be (some are better than others, but you didn’t hear that from me.) After living here two years, I can totally understand why an aspiring DJ would choose to move to Berlin. Though DJs are a dime a dozen,  if you’re any good, you will be more revered than The Hoff himself. 

Come On Now (Set It Off) – Tube & Berger, Juliet Sikora

13 January 2017

When I hear the words “set it off” I immediately think of one of two things; the 90s crime action film featuring the Queen (Latifah) herself (if you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor and get on that..right now) or else I think of the 1984 song by Strafe, “y’all wan’t this party started quickly, right?”

What I Might Do – Ben Pearce

13 January 2017

There was once a time in my life where I was driving one hour to sit in a cubicle and proofread dog food labels for eight hours straight. When I wasn’t having long existential conversations with myself on the way home, I was listening to songs like this. After a few months of contemplation, the levy broke, I knew just what I had to do. I quit my job, bought a one way ticket to Berlin, and never looked back. 

Ringo – Joris Voorn

13 January 2017

Like many of the songs on this playlist, this one reminds me of my first few months in Berlin. It’s less dancier than the others, which makes it perfect for getting lost in thought while simultaneously ridding your boudoir of old U-Bahn tickets, bottle caps, and Sterni bottles. 

When I’m With You feat. Shimmy Timmy (Sakso Remix)- Stereo Express, AKA AKA & Thaelstrom

13 January 2017

Can we just agree that the feeling of “home” is an amazing one? Home is comfort, home is familiarity, home is safe. This song makes me feel grateful for my physical home and all the lovely people that I know who fill it. 

Got a Feeling (Pleasurekraft vs. Bontan Remix) – Josh Butler

13 January 2017

Ok. I know this song starts out a bit hard, but just wait. At the 1:00 mark you’ll start to regain your trust for me. Then….wait just a bit more. At 1:30 you’ll get the feeling that something really special is about to happen. 1:33, 1:33, 1:33. 

The Giver – Duke Dumont

13 January 2017

Who is that special someone Duke? What are you giving? Do you have a single brother? *Asking for a friend. Regardless of who the song is about, we can all agree that they must be pretty damn special to inspire such a banging track.

No Eyes – Claptone feat. Jaw

13 January 2017

When I first moved to Berlin, I didn’t know anyone, nor did I speak one bit of Deutsch. Those first few weeks were spent wandering around the city solo, getting lost (a lot), and listening to songs such as this one. Flash forward two years later — though I’m extremely proud of the awesome life I created, I never want to forget how magical the world felt those first few anonymous weeks.

Jorg – Monkey Safari

13 January 2017

I first heard about Monkey Safari when buying tickets to a techno festival called TH!NK? last summer. The one day festival took place in Leipzig, Germany right on a large lake. Footloose and fancy free festival goers (including this one) waved their arms and swayed their bodies in the water as DJs performed on the stage above. This song never fails to remind me of that magical day (and also put a huge fucking grin on my face.

Summertime Sadness – Asadinho Main Vocal Mix by Lana Del Rey

13 January 2017

Throw your hair up real big, beauty queen style, open those damn windows, and then turn this song up as loud as you can. What’s wrong with channeling your inner diva prior to getting down and dirty? 

My Head is A Jungle – Wankelmut and Emma Louise

13 January 2017

Wankelmut means fickleness in German which is quite fitting considering I have musical ADD. Yes, that’s me, the “voracious song skipper.” This song however, keeps my head bobbing until the very end. If your house is a jun-gle, jun-gle, this song should help fix that.

Painter In Your Pocket – Destroyer

13 January 2017

To me, “Painter In Your Pocket” represents the new confidence, views and creations that evolve with experience.  I find this song interesting because it shows this growth through the eyes of the past.

Castigadas En El Granero – Hinds

13 January 2017

I first discovered the Madrid rock band Hinds (then known as Deers) while living abroad. My years in Spain were spent teaching English and I was charmed by the talent, style and rebellious nature of the Spanish youth. Hinds is no exception and reminds me of the inspiration that my students constantly gave me.

Why Won’t They Talk To Me? – Tame Impala

13 January 2017

As I create jewelry from home, I occasionally find myself disconnecting from society. This isolation inevitably confirms my need to connect with others. This song encourages me to maintain a healthy balance between my work life and social life.

Goodbye Weekend – Mac Demarco

13 January 2017

Choosing to live a less traditional lifestyle is often met with misunderstanding, which many creative people can relate to. This song reinforces my belief in the importance of dismissing these misconceptions.

Heaven is a Bedroom – TV Girl

13 January 2017

The more time I spend listening to TV Girl, the more fascinated I become.  I love everything about them, including their lyrics, sound, branding and heavy use of sampling.

How Listening To Sad Music Can Make You Feel Better

10 January 2017

Listening to sad music after losing a loved one, being diagnosed with a terminal illness, or finalizing a divorce might seem counterintuitive, but this somber sounding activity has been proven to help.

Attempting to Break the Stigma Surrounding Grief

2 August 2016

Andrew and I have been working together for nearly five years now. When he came to me with the idea for his latest project, it didn’t take him much convincing for me to jump on board; I trusted his vision and believed his passion.

His idea was to start a record label that produced albums focused around the solution it provided…