The other night I had the arduous task of putting together an IKEA bed that I bought secondhand. The task was arduous because 1. There were no instructions, 2. I had never put together a bed before. Because I'd lived with a boyfriend most of my adult life, and he happened to enjoy fastening things together with screws, he always ended up building our bed. Now that I was single, my feminist self was seething; how could I have let this happen?

And then this song came on. My rage turned into fuel. 

Though I struggled with the damn thing for nearly an hour (turns out there was a vital screw missing so I had to MacGyver the headboard to the frame), I can't tell you how proud I felt when I finally got the thing together. I've slept on it for two nights already, and I must say, it's pretty rock solid, just like my determination.

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