We don't allow more than two tracks from any one artist on these playlists but I'm thinking of making an exception for the Neil Cowley Trio 'cos well, they're just bloody great!  I remember falling in love with this track last week and it sounds even better on the 6th or 7th listen - and the video's pretty rad too.

God knows what you'd call this kind of music - sure it has its roots in Jazz but this is way more accessible - one recent review had this to say:

...the music itself is more accurately post-jazz: spacious minimalism meets percussive pop piano and driving rock rhythms, resulting in a sound that is alternately introspective and punchy.
Rochester City News

The track has that underlying build that just grows over time - but for me - I just love the final 30 seconds - that beautiful simple chord progression that has absolutely no right to be there - and just works brilliantly!  

Hooray for original thinkers.

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You can learn more about the Neil Cowley Trio here:

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