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"Kiss" is a song about the beauty and joys of an fun, intense and a seemingly satisfying romance if not a mere infatuation of sorts. In this track, It is clear that the singer doesn't care about any of the material things that the object of his desire carries. He only wants what can be naturally provided which is time, love, attention and affection.

The idea here is to keep the ideal approach to love, clear, concise and simple. That idea is cleverly projected through out the song's signature bassline and simply constructed guitar riffs and organ synthesizers. The way that the instrumentation is arranged effectively communicates how genuine the singers intentions are.

The song was featured on the soundtrack to Prince's film 1986 album "Parade" which served as the soundtrack to Prince's film "Under The Cherry Moon" which was also released in 1986.

The song became a #1 hit worldwide receiving a gold certification for sales in excess of 1,000,000 copies or more.

To this day, "Kiss" has sold 1,330,336 copies in the United States.

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