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This song is about hitting on someone you like between the hours of 11 and 2 am at the club. This song is about being continuously rejected by your lustful objects of pursuit. This song provides you with that free-spirited feeling of not listening to whatever anyone tells you and just being yourself and having fun. This song is about silencing all haters and manipulators from ever thinking that they can get into your pants before that initial attraction.

I am a fan of Kesha's older partying style of music but I like her newer music as well. I really dig the party vibes that she churned out during the "Animal" and "Warrior" eras.

Though the "Rainbow" era has been critically acclaimed and being well received so big hats off to Kesha!

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Glenn McCrary  - Music to Curator

Glenn McCrary is a Memphis based disc jockey.

He is a perfectionist and dedicates all that he is to producing a flawless, final result of anything that he does musically.

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