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The Guess Who is a Canadian group that hit the music scene in the early sixties. Their first single was "I Just Didn't Have the Heart," which was released in 1962, when their name was still the much more conventional Chad Allen and the Reflections. It wasn't until 1965 that they officially became The Guess Who and started to blow up on the charts and on the stage. They had a pop rock sound that also overlapped into the psychedelic sphere, a la Jefferson Starship and Buffalo Springfield. Their hits "These Eyes" and "American Woman" illustrate the range in their style. However, besides their sound, their introspective, measured lyrics put them on the map as one of the most consistent groups, from the late sixties to mid-seventies. "Sour Suite" is a perfect example of their mastery of fine lyrics.

Released in 1972, "Sour Suite" landed at #50 on the Billboard Hot 100 and in Canada it peaked at #12. Burton Cummings said it took him two to three days to write. A fan inspired the song, which reminisces about being back in Indiana. It's a beautiful tune with a deliberate melody and lyrics tinged with longing. It may not be their biggest hit, but "Sour Suite" is a testament to The Guess Who's solid musical talent and an example of a seventies mood captured in a song.

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