Goodbye Yellow Brick Road has got to be one of the best albums not only of the 70s but of all time. Released in 1974, it followed the path of many albums during that time and was an "experience." Also, the album cover tells a story in itself, it has captivating imagery and gorgeous colors. Every trackon the record relates to the others and, together, they tell a complete story. Every song on the album isperfection and utter audio nirvana. While "Harmony" is one of the lesser known nuggets of lyrical and musical mastery from the album, it has just as much descriptive power as the other tracks.

Elton John and Bernie Taupin wrote "Harmony," which was the B-Side of "Bennie and the Jets," another music gem. These two could not be beat as a writing team in the early to mid-70s. "Harmony" is a haunting ballad about a long lost love who returns. The chord modulations signify that the song isn't just happy, but a little bittersweet. Those two opening beats, followed by "Hello, baby, hello," and the eventual introduction of the glorious chorus is pure pop rock harmonic bliss and makes it one of the best, most carefree songs of the 70s.

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