Tim Dare

Tim is a licensed physiotherapist, Content Creator, Content Writer, Music Blogger and now, a Playlist Curator. He literally can’t do anything without listening to music, like literally. Music is pretty much his life force. Whenever he’s feeling down or happy, he has a track to play for that mood. He has loved music since he can remember and listens to pretty much anything that interests him or that he vibes to. He is also easy going and free spirited, just a very chill human. Check out his music blog(reviews & interviews from rising artistes): http://www.thatweirdmusic.com/ Follow the blog on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thatweirdmusic/?hl=en

Ride or Die – Siki

11 November 2020

Siki is a rising artiste from Port Harcourt, Nigeria. His track “Ride or Die” is a groovy composition that will make you either bop your head or stomp your feet. “Ride or Die” perfectly captures the trending sound in Nigeria, with Siki’s fresh and unique vocals floating over the melodic mid-tempo tune…

Beautiful Life – The Collection

3 November 2020

With its extravagant chorus, listeners of the sing-along folk-pop gem will undoubtedly have a smile on their face from start to finish.

Fixed – Olivia Castriota

27 October 2020

Fixed” is about listening to your inner self, admitting your struggles and hoping that by conceding, things will get better.

Breathe – Lauv

20 October 2020

Breathe” is immersed in a mid-tempo pop/R&B sound which creates a strong focus on Lauv’s impeccable vocals.

Alive – Gabrielle Aplin

5 October 2020

Aplin’s Alive is definitely one of my favorite songs of all time. The track starts off with some light piano and violin work, well-woven together to create an atmospheric sound and as the track progresses, more layers are laid upon the previous foundation.

1901 – Birdy

5 October 2020

Birdy’s track “1901” is a lovelorn ballad that features dream-like instrumentation and Birdy’s soft but amazing vocals.