Tim Dare

Tim is a licensed physiotherapist, Content Creator, Content Writer, Music Blogger and now, a Playlist Curator. He literally can’t do anything without listening to music, like literally. Music is pretty much his life force. Whenever he’s feeling down or happy, he has a track to play for that mood. He has loved music since he can remember and listens to pretty much anything that interests him or that he vibes to. He is also easy going and free spirited, just a very chill human. Check out his music blog(reviews & interviews from rising artistes): http://www.thatweirdmusic.com/ Follow the blog on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thatweirdmusic/?hl=en

Kumbaya, My Love – Kaey, The Unknown Band and Yhung Switch

11 September 2022

Three of the nation’s budding artistes; Yhung Switch, Kaey and The Unknown Band, have successfully composed an eargasmic tune, in the form of ”Kumbaya, My Love.”

Multifaceted Dreams

2 August 2022

Dance beats transition inward to reflect the full scope of being alive, featuring artists like: Kodaline, salem ilese, Ataia, BAYNK, ayokay, M83, Avicii, SKAAR, Lawrence

THE BASELIST: Rocky Pleasures

31 May 2021

These tracks touch on the many sub-genres of rock music – featuring artists like Smallpools • The Boxer Rebellion • Parade of Lights • Royal Teeth • The 1975 • Picture This • Birds of Tokyo • Pale Waves

THE BASELIST: Acoustic Anthems

31 May 2021

These songs feature little or no electronic production and focus majorly on the purity of the instruments – featuring artists like Kodaline • LÉON • Noah Kahan • KALEO • Birdy • Carlie Hanson • Hozier • London Grammar

Wild – Royal Teeth

18 May 2021

Royal Teeth bring such a youthful, exuberant and contagious vibe, it’s like a breath of fresh air.

Where’s The Goodbye? – BASE

12 May 2021

The production on the track is quite polished, illuminating the work the band have injected into making this composition a reality.

Replay – Dumbie

30 April 2021

The track certainly doesn’t disappoint, as it sweeps you away into a blissful daydream.

Emoji – Au/Ra

22 April 2021

This song tells the story of the problems of communication in today’s virtual dating world.

Just Imagine It – MKTO

5 April 2021

Somewhere off in outer space, there’s a world, no wars, no hate, I don’t know where it is, I just imagine it.” These are the lyrics to the highly emotional tune that is “Imagine It” by the American pop duo, MKTO.

Strangers – Before You Exit

22 March 2021

It has a haunting feel to it which merges well with the vocals of this talented trio.

Older – Sasha Sloan

11 March 2021

If you haven’t heard of Sasha Sloan, give it a few years, I’m sure you will. She is a rising star in her own right…

Fallingwater – Maggie Rogers

18 February 2021

Fallingwater” is a song that describes rapid change which can be heard from sharp instrumental variation and the tempo switch right at the mid-section of the track.